Recorded off digital satellite in DVD SP, compressed using DVD Shrink to fit 4 eps/disc (so, LP mode). Eps are cut, running 45:20 each.

Season 1 - Available Commercially.

Season 2
13. The Good-Bye Orphan Annie Blues 10Sep75
14. The Glory Game 17Sep75
15. On the Road 24Sep75
16. Nobody in a Nothing Place 01Oct75
17. The Fire Man 08Oct75
18. Double Image 15Oct75
19. Photography by John Doe 22Oct75
20. Set Up City 29Oct75
21. A Bite of the Apple 05Nov75
22. When Dues Come Down 12Nov75
23. And Down Will Come Baby 19Nov75
24. Count the Days I'm Gone 26Nov75
25. Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth 15Dec75
26. The Left Hand of the Devil 07Jan76
27. Murder for Me 14Jan76
28. Pay or Die 28Jan76
29. The Blood Bond 18Feb76
30. The Dippers 25Feb76
31. Dead Man Out 03Mar76
32. Death on the Run 17Mar76
33. Aggie 24Mar76

Season 3
34. The Ninja 22Sep76
35. Soldier in the Jungle 29Sep76
36. Runaway Cowboy 06Oct76
37. Street Edition 13Oct76
38. They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To 20Oct76
39. Shoes 27Oct76
40. Under the City 03Nov76
41. Dear Tony 10Nov76
42. Crazy Annie 24Nov76
43. Nothin' for Nothin' 01Dec76
44. Can't Win for Losin' 15Dec76
45. Look Back in Terror 22Dec76
46. The Big Hand's on Trouble 29Dec76
47. Don't Kill the Sparrows 12Jan77
48. That Sister Ain't No Cousin 15Jan77
49. Open Season 26Jan77
50. The Reunion 02Feb77
51. Not on Our Block 09Feb77
52. The Runaways 16Feb77
53. Everybody Pays the Fare 23Feb77
54. Think Mink 09Mar77
55. Carla 16Mar77
56. Big Bad Charlie 30Mar77
57. Guns and Brothers 06Apr77
58. Playin' Police 04May77

Season 4
60. Somebody Killed Cock Robin 05Oct77
61. Lyman P. Doffer, Fed 19Oct77
62. The Sky Is Falling 26Oct77
63. It's Hard But It's Fair 02Nov77
66. Who Can Make the Sun Shine? 30Nov77
75. The Stone Conspiracy 23Feb78