Barnaby Jones

1973-1980. Classic Quinn Martin series starring Buddy Ebsen as a forensic chemist/retired P.I. who comes out of retirement when his son is killed. Also stars Lee Merriwether and (season 5 on) Mark Shera.

All 175 eps in SP mode.

Quality: Varies from excellent to fair (most are okay and quite watchable and enjoyable, only a handful are real borderline).
I am looking for high quality (off-air) upgrades of this show. Also uncut copies from film prints or original airings.

4 or 5 eps are from original broadcasts, uncut. All others are cut syndication copies, mainly from WWOR, WXIX and Sky (Europe).

Season 1

Season 2
14. Blind Terror 16Sep73
15. Death Leap 23Sep73 (uncut)
16. Echo of a Murder 30Sep73
17. Day of the Viper 7Oct73
18. Trial Run for Death 14Oct73
19. Catch Me If You Can 21Oct73 (WJBK)
20. Divorce - Murderer's Style 28Oct73 (WJBK)
21. The Deadly Prize 4Nov73 (WJBK)
22. Stand-In for Death 11Nov73 (WJBK)
23. The Black Art of Dying 25Nov73
24. The Killing Defense 2Dec73
25. Fatal Flight 9Dec73
26. Secret of the Dunes 16Dec73
27. Venus as in Fly Trap 6Jan74 (dropouts)
28. The Deadly Jinx 13Jan74
29. The Platinum Connection 20Jan74 (Sky)
30. Programmed for Killing 27Jan74
31. A Gold Record for Murder 10Feb74 (WJBK)
32. Friends Till Death 17Feb74 (WJBK)
33. Rendezvous with Terror 24Feb74 (3-4)
34. Dark Legacy 3Mar74
C 35. Woman in the Shadows 10Mar74
36. Image in a Cracked Mirror 24Mar74
37. Foul Play 31Mar74

Season 3
38. A Gathering of Thieves 10Sep74 (Sky)
39. Dead Man's Run 17Sep74
40. The Challenge 24Sep74
41. Conspiracy of Terror 1Oct74
42. Odd Man Loses 8Oct74
43. Forfeit by Death 15Oct74
44. Blueprint for a Caper 29Oct74
45. Mystery Cycle 12Nov74
46. Dark Homecoming 19Nov74
47. Time to Kill 26Nov74
48. Death on Deposit 3Dec74
49. Web of Deceit 10Dec74 (Sky)
50. The Last Contract 31Dec74
51. Trap Play 7Jan75 (dropouts, bad tracking on bottom)
52. Murder Once Removed 21Jan75
53. Counterfall 4Feb75 (Sky)
54. Dangerous Summer 11Feb75
55. Image of Evil 18Feb75
56. Fantasy of Fear 25Feb75
57. Doomed Alibi 11Mar75 (Sky)
58. The Deadlier Species 18Mar75
59. Poisoned Pigeon 25Mar75
60. Jeopardy for Two 1Apr75 (Sky)
61. Bond of Fear 15Apr75 (WJBK)

Season 4
62. The Deadly Conspiracy (2) 19Sep75 (pt1: Cannon 17Sep75) (Sky)
63. Theater of Fear 26Sep75 (missing last minute)
64. The Orchid Killer 3Oct75
65. The Price of Terror 10Oct75
66. Honeymoon with Death 17Oct75
67. The Alpha-Bravo War 24Oct75
68. Flight to Danger 31Oct75
69. Double Vengeance 7Nov75
70. Fatal Witness 14Nov75
71. Beware the Dog 21Nov75
72. Blood Relations 28Nov75
73. A Taste for Murder 4Dec75
74. Final Burial 11Dec75 (WJBK)
75. Portrait of Evil 18Dec75
76. Dead Heat 1Jan76
77. The Lonely Victims 8Jan76
78. Hostage 15Jan76
79. Silent Vendetta 29Jan76 (Sky)
80. Shadow of Guilt 5Feb76
81. Deadly Reunion 12Feb76
82. Dangerous Gambit 26Feb76 (Sky w/main title, 8' spiced-in from WXIX)
83. Wipeout 4Mar76
84. The Eyes of Terror 11Mar76
85. The Stalking Horse 18Mar76

Season 5
86. Blood Vengeance 7Oct76 (Sky)
87. Deadline for Dying 14Oct76
88. Sins of Thy Father 21Oct76 (Sky)
89. The Fatal Dive 28Oct76 (Sky)
90. Final Ransom 11Nov76
91. Band of Evil 18Nov76
92. Voice in the Night 2Dec76 (WJBK)
93. The Bounty Hunter 16Dec76 (WJBK)
94. Renegade's Child 23Dec76
95. Fraternity of Thieves 30Dec76
96. Sister of Death 6Jan77
97. Deadly Charade 13Jan77
98. Testament of Power 20Jan77 (WJBK)
99. Copy-Cat Killing 27Jan77 (Sky)
100. A Simple Case of Terror 3Feb77 (uncut)
101. The Marathon Murders 17Feb77
102. Duet for Dying 24Feb77 (Sky)
103. Circle of Treachery 3Mar77 (Sky)
104. Anatomy of Fear 17Mar77 (WJBK)
105. The Killer on Campus 24Mar77
106. The Deadly Valentine 31Mar77
107. Duet for Danger 5May77 (missing bit of intro) (Sky)
108. The Inside Man 12May77
109. Run Away to Terror 19May77 (Sky)

Season 6
110. Death Beat 15Sep77 (uncut) (WJBK)
111. The Mercenaries 22Sep77 (Sky)
112. The Wife Beater 29Sep77
113. Yesterday's Terror 13Oct77
114. The Damocles Gun 20Oct77
115. Gang War 27Oct77
116. Daughter of Evil 3Nov77
117. The Captives 10Nov77
118. The Reincarnation 17Nov77
119. Shadow of Fear 24Nov77 (WJBK)
120. The Devil's Handmaiden 1Dec77
121. Prisoner of Deceit 15Dec77
122. Deadly Homecoming 22Dec77
123. Child of Danger 29Dec77
124. The Scapegoat 5Jan78
125. A Ransom in Diamonds 12Jan78
126. Prime Target 19Jan78
127. Final Judgment 26Jan78 (2 hours) (Sky)
128. Uninvited Peril 2Feb78
129. Terror on a Quiet Afternoon 9Feb78
130. The Coronado Triangle 2Mar78

Season 7
131. Blind Jeopardy 21Sep78
132. A Dangerous Affair 28Sep78
133. Deadly Sanctuary 12Oct78
134. Hitch-hike to Terror 19Oct78
135. Nest of Scorpions 26Oct78
136. Death of a Friendship 9Nov78
137. A Frame for Murder 16Nov78 (orig CBS airing, no end credits)
138. Stages of Fear 23Nov78 (Sky)
139. Victim of Love 30Nov78
140. Memory of a Nightmare 14Dec78
141. The Picture Pirates 21Dec78 (Sky)
142. Academy of Evil 28Dec78 (Sky)
143. The Medium 4Jan79
144. Echo of a Distant Battle 11Jan79 (2 hours) (Sky)
145. The Enslaved 18Jan79
146. Dance with Death 25Jan79
147. The Protectors 1Feb79 (Sky)
148. Fatal Overture 8Feb79 (Sky)
149. Master of Deception 22Feb79 (Sky)
150. A Short Happy Life 1Mar79 (Sky)
151. Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (1) 15Mar79 (Sky, w/main title)
152. Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (2) 22Mar79 (Sky)
153. Target for a Wedding 12Apr79
154. Temptation 19Apr79 (Sky)

Season 8
155. Man on Fire 20Sep79 (Sky)
156. Nightmare in Hawaii 27Sep79 (2 hours) (orig. CBS airing, no credits)
157. A Desperate Pursuit 11Oct79 (Sky)
158. Design for Madness 18Oct79 (Sky)
159. Girl on the Road 25Oct79 (orig CBS airing, no end credits)
160. Indoctrination in Evil 1Nov79 (Sky)
161. Homecoming for a Dead Man 8Nov79 (Sky)
162. False Witness 29Nov79 (Sky)
163. School of Terror 20Dec79 (orig CBS airing, low audio, no credits)
164. Cry for Vengeance 27Dec79
165. Run to Death 3Jan80 (missing end credits)
166. The Price of Anger 10Jan80
167. The Killing Point 17Jan80
168. Focus on Fear 31Jan80
169. Murder in the Key of C 7Feb80 (Sky)
170. Killer without a Name 14Feb80 (Sky)
171. Death Is the Punchline 21Feb80 (Sky)
172. The Final Victim 6Mar80 (Sky)
173. The Silent Accuser 13Mar80
174. Deadline for Murder 27Mar80 (Sky)
175. The Killin' Cousin 3Apr80 (Sky)