Blue Knight

From (older) off-broadcast VHS EP recordings to DVD SP. A few eps have some tracking lines.

P1. The Blue Knight 5May75 (90')

Season 1
1. Two to Make Deadly 17Dec75
2. Triple Threat 24Dec75
3. Odds Against Tomorrow 31Dec75
5. The Cop Killer 14Jan76
6. The Creeper 28Jan76
7. The Candy Man 4Feb76
8. Mariachi 11Feb76
9. Snitch's Karma 25Feb76
10. A Slower Beat 3Mar76
11. To Kill a Tank 10Mar76
12. The Pink Dragon 24Mar76

Season 2
15. A Slight Case of Murder 29Sep76
16. Upward Mobility 13Oct76
17. The Rose and the Gun 20Oct76
18. Everything in Life is 3 to 1 Against UNAIRED
19. A Matter of Justice UNAIRED
20. The Great Wall of Chinatown UNAIRED
21. Point of View UNAIRED