Bold Ones

1969-73. Cool revolving series, sort of like Name of the Game, that has 4 different series shown under one name. Episodes are either about Lawyers, the New Doctors, the Protectors (police) or the Senator.

From low-gen (possibly off-air, maybe 1st gen.) VHS recordings off a small independent station to DVD SP. Eps run about 46' each. Overall they look real nice, but there is almost always some slight interference from other signals in the broadcast. Not distracting (to my eyes), but present.

Season 1
1. To Save a Life 14Sep69 (ND)
2. A Game of Chance 21Sep69 (L)
3. A Case of Good Whiskey at Christmas Time 28Sep69 (P)
4. What's the Price of a Pair of Eyes? 5Oct69 (ND)
5. The People Against Ortega 12Oct69 (L)
6. Rebellion of the Body 19Oct69 (ND)
7. If I Should Wake Before I Die 26Oct69 (P)
8. The Crowd Pleaser 2Nov69 (L)
9. Man Without a Heart 9Nov69 (ND)
10. Rockford Riddle 16Nov69 (L)
11. A Small Step for Man 23Nov69 (ND)
12. Shriek of Silence 30Nov69 (L)
13. Crisis 7Dec69 (ND)
14. Draw a Straight Man 14Dec69 (P)
15. And Those Unborn 21Dec69 (ND)
17. The Carrier 11Jan70 (P)
18. If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen 18Jan70 (ND)
19. Point of Honor 25Jan70 (L)
20. A Thing Not of God 1Feb70 (P)
21. This Day's Child 8Feb70 (ND)
22. The Shattered Image 15Feb70 (L)
23. Dark Is the Rainbow, Loud the Silence 1Mar70 (ND)
24. Memo from the Class of '76 8Mar70 (P)

Season 2
25. To Taste of Death But Once 13Sep70 (S)
26. This Will Really Kill You 20Sep70 (ND)
27. The Verdict 27Sep70 (L)
28. The Day the Lion Died 4Oct70 (S)
29. Killer on the Loose 11Oct70 (ND)
30. Panther in a Cage 18Oct70 (L)
31. Giants Never Kneel 25Oct70 (ND)
32. Power Play 1Nov70 (S)
33. Trial of a Pfc. 8Nov70 (L)
34. First: No Harm to the Patient 15Nov70 (ND)
35. A Continual Roar of Musketry (1) 22Nov70 (S)
36. A Continual Roar of Musketry (2) 29Nov70 (S)
37. The People Against Dr. Chapman 6Dec70 (L)
38. In Dreams They Run 13Dec70 (ND)
39. The Loneliness Racket 20Dec70 (L)
40. A Matter of Priorities 3Jan71 (ND)
41. The Search for Leslie Grey 10Jan71 (L)
42. Someday They'll Elect a President 17Jan71 (S)
43. An Absence of Loneliness 24Jan71 (ND)
44. The Hyland Confession 31Jan71 (L)
45. George Washington Is a Liar 7Feb71 (S)
46. Tender Predator 14Feb71 (ND)
47. The Price of Justice 21Feb71 (L)
48. A Single Blow of the Sword 28Feb71 (S)

Season 3
49. Broken Melody 19Sep71 (ND)
51. The Angry Man 3Oct71 (ND)
52. The Strange Secret of Yermo Hill 17Oct71 (L)
53. One Lonely Step 24Oct71 (ND)
54. Hall of Justice 31Oct71 (L)
55. Close Up 7Nov71 (ND)
56. In Defense of Ellen McKay 14Nov71 (L)
57. The Convicts 21Nov71 (ND)
58. By Reason of Insanity 28Nov71 (L)
59. The Glass Cage 5Dec71 (ND)
60. Justice Is a Sometime Thing 12Dec71 (L)
61. Dagger in the Mind 19Dec71 (ND)
62. The Letter of the Law 26Dec71 (L)
64. The Long Morning After (1) 9Jan72 (L)
65. The Long Morning After (2) 16Jan72 (L)
66. Short Flight to a Distant Star 23Jan72 (ND)
67. In Sudden Darkness 30Jan72 (L)
68. A Threatened Species 6Feb72 (ND)
69. Lisa, I Hardly Knew You 13Feb72 (L)

Season 4
71. Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown (2) 19Sep72 (ND) [part 1 Ironside #129, 14Sep72]
72. Is This Operation Necessary? 26Sep72 (ND)
73. A Nation of Human Pincushions 3Oct72 (ND)
74. Time Bomb in the Chest 10Oct72 (ND)
75. A Standard for Manhood 17Oct72 (ND)
76. A Substitute Womb 24Oct72 (ND)
78. A Quality of Fear 14Nov72 (ND)
79. An Inalienable Right to Die 28Nov72 (ND)
80. A Purge of Madness 5Dec72 (ND)
81. End Theme 12Dec72 (ND) 82. The Velvet Prison 19Dec72 (ND)
83. Terminal Career 2Jan73 (ND)
84. A Tightrope to Tomorrow 9Jan73 (ND)
86. And Other Things I May Not See 4May73 (ND)