Bracken's World

Complete series in SP mode. Leslie Nielsen joins the cast for the 2nd season.
Most all eps are uncut from VHS SP copies of 16mm film prints, a couple of generations
down. Three episodes are highly generated and very poor quality.

Season 1
1. Fade-In 19Sep69
2. Panic 26Sep69
3. King David 3Oct69
4. Don't You Cry for Susannah 10Oct69
5. Options 17Oct69
6. Closed Set 24Oct69
7. The Sweet Smell of Failure 31Oct69
8. The Stunt 7Nov69
9. All the Beautiful Young Girls 14Nov69
10. A Package Deal 28Nov69
11. It's the Power Structure, Baby 5Dec69
12. Move In for a Close-Up 12Dec69
13. Stop Date 19Dec69
14. The Chase Sequence 26Dec69
15. Focus on a Gun 2Jan70
16. The Money Men 9Jan70
17. Meanwhile, Back at the Studio 16Jan70
18. A Perfect Piece of Casting 30Jan70
19. Superstar [aka Star Struck] 6Feb70
20. Whatever Happened to Happy Endings? 13Feb70
21. Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon 20Feb70
22. Papa Never Spanked Me 27Feb70
23. A Beginning, a Middle, and an End 6Mar70
24. Diffusion 13Mar70
25. Day for Night 20Mar70
26. One, Two, Three... Cry 27Mar70

Season 2
27. Love It or Leave It, Change It or Lose It 18Sep70
28. Murder -- Off Camera 25Sep70
29. Jenny, Who Bombs Buildings 2Oct70
30. Together Again for the Last Time 9Oct70
31. A Preview in Samarkand 16Oct70
32. The Mary Tree 23Oct70
33. Hey, Gringo -- Hey, Poncho 30Oct70
34. A Team of One-Legged Acrobats 6Nov70
35. The Anonymous Star 13Nov70
36. Infinity 20Nov70
37. The Nude Scene 27Nov70
38. A Score Without Strings 4Dec70
39. Will Freddy's Real Father Please Stand Up? 11Dec70
40. The Country Boy 18Dec70
41. Miss Isabel Blue 25Dec70