1971-1976. Excellent Quinn Martin show starring William Conrad as Frank Cannon, a gourmet chef and former police detective who hires himself out as a private investigator to select clients in need of top-drawer work from a professional trained in the ways of the world. One of my faves.

Pilot movie, 120/120 eps, 1 Reunion movies.

Quality: Pilot is superb from digital satellite to DVD SP. All other eps were recorded onto VHS off digital satellite, dubbed once, and then transferred to DVD SP. Some episodes do have slight color distortion horizontally along the top, nothing to get too worked up about. Reunion movie is from an official tape. All episodes are uncut or very close-to.

Available Commercially.

Season 1
Available Commercially.

Season 2
Available Commercially.

Season 3
Available Commercially.

Season 4
73. Kelly's Song 11Sep74
74. The Hit Man 18Sep74
75. Voice From the Grave 25Sep74
76. Lady in Red 02Oct74
77. The Deadly Trail 16Oct74
78. The Exchange 23Oct74
79. The Avenger 30Oct74
80. A Killing in the Family 06Nov74
81. Flashpoint 13Nov74
82. The Man Who Couldn't Forget 20Nov74
83. The Sounds of Silence 04Dec74
84. The Prisoner 11Dec74
85. Daddy's Little Girl 18Dec74
86. The Conspirators 01Jan75
87. Coffin Corner 15Jan75
88. Perfect Fit for a Frame 22Jan75
89. Killer On the Hill 29Jan75
90. Missing at FL307 05Feb75
91. The Set Up 12Feb75
92. The Investigator 26Feb75
93. Lady On the Run 05Mar75
94. Vengeance 12Mar75
95. Tomorrow Ends at Noon 19Mar75
96. Search and Destroy 02Apr75

Season 5
97. Nightmare 10Sep75
98. The Deadly Conspiracy 17Sep75
99. The Wrong Medicine 24Sep75
100. The Iceman 01Oct75
101. The Victim 08Oct75
102. The Man Who Died Twice 15Oct75
103. A Touch of Venom 22Oct75
104. Man in the Middle 29Oct75
105. Fall Guy 05Nov75
106. The Melted Man 12Nov75
107. The Wedding March 19Nov75
108. The Hero 26Nov75
109. To Still the Voice 03Dec75
110. The Star 10Dec75 (2 hours)
111. The Games Children Play 17Dec75
112. The Reformer 07Jan76
113. The House of Cards 14Jan76
114. Revenge 21Jan76
115. Cry Wolf 28Jan76
116. The Quasar Kill 04Feb76
117. Snapshot 11Feb76
118. Point After Death 18Feb76
119. Bloodlines 25Feb76
120. Madman 03Mar76

TV Movie
M1. The Return of Frank Cannon 01Nov80