David Cassidy - Man Undercover

This is quite possibly the worst cop-show ever made.

Pilot movie (an episode of Police Story), 10/10 eps. I have 2 sets of the series:
1. All eps uncut from 2nd gen VHS LP to DVD SP (picture on #7 is jittery)
2. All eps but #1 and 6 (which are as above) from off-broadcast VHS LP, but cut, to DVD SP.

P1. Police Story #94. A Chance to Live 28May78

Season 1
1. Running the Hill 02Nov78 (3-4) (missing first minute or two)
2. Baby Makes Three 09Nov78 (4)
3. Cage of Steel 16Nov78 (4)
4. Deadly Convoy 23Nov78 (4)
5. Flashpoint 07Dec78 (4)
6. RX For Dying 21Dec78 (3) (uncut, or close-to)
7. Firestorm 28Dec78 (4)
8. Teammates 04Jan79 (4)
9. Death Is A Close Friend, Too 18Jan79
10. Nightwork (Unaired? Or was it broadcast in the summer reruns?)