Dan August

1970-1971. Short-lived Quinn Martin series starring soon-to-be-megastar Burt Reynolds as a police detective. When Burt hit it big this show became more popular than when it originally aired and several 2 hour movies were made splicing 2 episodes together. Also stars Norman Fell and Richard Anderson.

20/26 eps, SP mode. (Note: the episode guide at tv.com for this series is totally wrong, the one below is correct).
Quality is pretty nice for the most part: most are from Bravo airings, recorded onto VHS and these are a generation or two down. Two eps, and all three movies I have, are uncut from prints.

On top of the episodes I am missing altogether, I would also like high quality off-air upgrades of this series. Would also like to get the episodes I have as movies as self- contained episodes with opening and closing credits.

P1. The House on Greenapple Road 11Jan70 (w/Christopher George as Dan August)

Season 1
WANTED: 1. Murder By Proxy 23Sep70
2. The Murder of a Small Town 30Sep70
3. Love is a Nickel Bag 07Oct70
WANTED: 4. The King Is Dead 14Oct70
5. In the Eyes of God 21Oct70 (16mm)
6. The Color of Fury 28Oct70
7. Invitation to Murder 04Nov70
8. The Union Forever 11Nov70
9. Epitaph for a Swinger 18Nov70
10. When the Shouting Dies 25Nov70
11. The Soldier 02Dec70
12. Quadrangle for Death 16Dec70
13. Passing Fair 30Dec70 (a bit grainy)
14. The Titan 6Jan71 (from part 2 of movie 'The Trouble With Women')
15. Death Chain 21Jan71 (from part 2 of movie 'Once Is Never Enough')
16. Dead Witness to a Killing 28Jan71
17. The Law 04Feb71
18. The Worst Crime 11Feb71 (16mm)
19. Circle of Lies 18Feb71 (pic jumpy for 6' near end)
WANTED:20. Trackdown 25Feb71
WANTED:21. Bullet for a Hero 4Mar71
WANTED:22. The Manufactured Man 11Mar71
WANTED:23. The Meal Ticket 18Mar71
24. Days of Rage 25Mar71 (from part 2 of movie 'The Relative Solution')
25. Prognosis: Homicide 01Apr71 (from part 1 of movie 'Once Is Never Enough')
26. The Assassin 8Apr71

Once Is Never Enough aka Double Jeapordy (#s 25 and 15)
The Trouble With Women (#s 9 and 14)
The Relative Solution (#s 16 and 24)