Complete series.

All but #s 12 and 13 are from off-broadcast VHS recordings of TVLand airings.
#12 is from second gen VHS of A&E airing, #13 is from off-broadcast VHS of A&E airing.
Alternate airings available: I have uncut, or less cut than TVLand airings, copies of A&E airings of episode #s 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 20. I also have episodes 17 and 18 as a movie recorded off-air from digital cable.

Season 1
1. The Avenger 9Sep76
2. Contract for Harry 26Sep76
3. High Price of Justice 3Oct76
4. Good Cop 10Oct76
5. Board of Rights 17Oct76
6. Wax Job 24Oct76
7. The Silent Prey 31Oct76
8. Thicker than Water 7Nov76
9. Hot Spell 14Nov76
10. Numbers 5Dec76
11. Red is the Color of My True Love's Hair 12Dec76
12. APB: Santa Claus 26Dec76
13. Dying Can Be A Pleasure 23Jan77
14. One Little Indian 30Jan77
15. Bad Shoot 6Feb77
16. Licensed To Kill 13Feb77
17. A Madness Within 20Feb77
18. A Madness Within 27Feb77
19. Requiem for a Loser 6Mar77
20. Cancelled Contract 13Mar77