Hart To Hart

Charming detective-series starring Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner.

32/110 eps, 8/8 Reunion movies. From off-air to DVD SP.

P1. Hart to Hart 25Aug79

Season 1
2. Passport to Murder 29Sep79
3. Jonathan Hart Jr. 06Oct79
4. Death in the Slow Lane 13Oct79
5. You Made Me Kill You 23Oct79
6. Murder Between Friends 30Oct79
7. Cop Out 06Nov79
8. Max in Love 13Nov79
9. A New Kind of High 27Nov79
10. With This Gun I Thee Wed 04Dec79
11. The Man with the Jade Eyes 11Dec79
12. Color Jennifer Dead 08Jan80
13. A Question of Innocence 15Jan80
14. Night Horrors 22Jan80
15. Which Way Freeman? 29Jan80
16. Downhill to Death 05Feb80
17. The Raid 26Feb80

Season 2
24. What Murder? 18Nov80
25. This Lady is Murder 25Nov80
26. Murder is Man's Best Friend 09Dec80
27. 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered 16Dec80
30. Ex-Wives Can Be Murder 20Jan81
31. Murder is a Drag 03Feb81
32. Hart-Shaped Murder 10Feb81
33. Slow Boat to Murder 17Feb81
34. Murder in the Saddle 24Feb81
35. Homemade Murder 03Mar81
36. Solid Gold Murder 24Mar81
37. Getting Aweigh with Murder 14Apr81
38. The Murder of Jonathan Hart 28Apr81
39. The Latest In High Fashion Murder 05May81
41. Murder Takes A Bow 19May81
42. Blue Chip Murder 26May81

TV Movies
M1. Hart to Hart Returns 05Nov93
M2. Home is Where the Hart Is 18Feb94
M3. Crimes of the Hart 25Mar94
M4. Old Friends Never Die 06May94
M5. Secrets of the Hart 06Mar95
M6. Two Harts in 3/4 Time 26Nov95
M7. Harts in High Season 24Mar96
M8. Till Death Do Us Hart 25Aug96