Short-lived series starring Burt Reynolds as a Native American cop working the night shift in NY.

13/17 eps. SP mode.

Quality: Varies, most is pretty good from older VHS sources. I am looking for all episodes in Red.

Season 1
1. Do Not Mutilate or Spindle 08Sep66
2. The Longleat Chronicles 15Sep66 (missing intro)
3. 22Sep66 Thanks for the Honeymoon
4. Game With a Dead End 29Sep66
5. 06Oct66 Death Comes Full Circle
6. The Theory of the Innocent Bystander 13Oct66
7. The Man Who Owned Everyone 20Oct66
8. How Close Can You Get? 27Oct66 (uncut from prints)
9. The Living End of Sisterbaby 03Nov66
10. The Shivering Pigeon 10Nov66
11. 17Nov66 Ulysses and the Republic
12. 24Nov66 Legacy for a Lousy Future
13. H Is A Dirty Letter 01Dec66
14. Some Devil Whispered In His Ear 08Dec66
15. The Hands of Corbin Claybrooke 15Dec66 (uncut from prints)
16. Wall of Silence 22Dec66 (uncut from prints)
17. Blind Man's Bluff 29Dec66 (uncut from prints)