This spy series starring James Franciscus and Linda Evans had a brief 9 episode run in the winter/spring of 1977. It's not a bad show at all, but suffered possibly due to infrequent airings that thus never gave the show a real chance to grab an audience.

Pilot movie and all 13 episodes (9 aired and 4 unaired) on 7 discs. Nice quality with Scandivian subtitles. These were shown as movies with eps played back-to-back, hence, some episodes are missing end credits (the first episode of a movie), others are missing the post-opening-theme credits, i.e. the episode title and guest stars, (the second episode of a movie). For the unaired (and otherwise uncatalogued-anywhere so far as I can find) eps that are missing the title credits, I have used made-up names in parantheses.

For more info on this episode guide, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This set is for trade only for similarly rare items.

P1. Hunter 14Sep76

Season 1
1. Bluebird is Back 18Feb77 (no end credits)
2. Mirror Image 25Feb77 (no end credits)
3. The Lysenko Syndrome 4Mar77
4. The Hit 11Mar77 (no end credits)
5. The Costa Rica Connection 18Mar77
6. The K Group (1) 8Apr77 (no end credits)
7. The K Group (2) 15Apr77 (no end credits)
8. The Barking Dog 22Apr77
9. Yesterday Upon the Stairs 27May77

Unaired Eps in no particular order:
10. The Lovejoy File (no end credits)
11. "The Counterfeiting Revolutionary"
12. "The Plutonium Project"
13. "The Double Agent"

Episode Guide Notes:
I couldn't find a guide for this show anywhere on the internet. Gianakos' book has the only guide I could locate, other than going through old TV Guides and creating one myself, which I did (as above). While I believe the guide above is correct, there is one discrepancy to note:
Gianakos and TV Guide disagree on the airdates for the 2-parter, 'The K Group'. According to TV Guide part 1 aired 8Apr and part 2 on 22Apr with 'The Barking Dog' listed as being "scheduled" to appear between the two on 15Apr. Common sense and Gianakos' book say that the two parts were shown sequentially on 8 and 15Apr, and that 'The Barking Dog' aired on 22Apr, and that is how I have listed them as well.

One further note, there is an error in Gianakos' book:
Episode #7 is listed as being The Costa Rica Connection airing 22Apr (actually aired 18Mar). The list of guest stars for this episode corresponds to the guests in The Barking Dog (which did air 22Apr). He basically missed the 18Mar episode in his guide (he only lists 8 episodes total) by mis-combining the info from two separate episodes into one.