The Invisible Man

"Brilliant But Cancelled" is how Trio describes this mid-70s show starring David McCallum.

Pilot movie, 12/12 eps. SP mode (7 discs), recorded off-broadcast, in chronological order.

P1. The Invisible Man 6May75 (90 min) (Trio)

Season 1
1. The Klae Resource 8Sep75 (Trio)
2. The Fine Art of Diplomacy 15Sep75 (Trio)
3. Man of Influence 22Sep75 (Trio)
4. Eyes Only 29Sep75 (Trio)
5. Barnard Wants Out 6Oct75 (Trio)
6. Go Directly to Jail 3Nov75 (Sci-Fi)
7. Stop When the Red Lights Flash 24Nov75 (Sci-Fi)
8. Pin Money 1Dec75 (Sci-Fi)
9. The Klae Dynasty 8Dec75 (Trio)
10. Sight Unseen 15Dec75 (Trio)
11. Power Play 19Jan76 (Trio)
12. An Attempt to Save Face UNAIRED (Trio)