Jigsaw John

Rare, unsyndicated, short-lived, mid-season replacement series starring Jack Warden. About the cases of Los Angeles Police Department Special Investigator John St. John. His nickname came about by the way he slowly, methodically, and precisely fitted together each of the seemingly unrelated pieces that collectively led to the determination of guilt in his homicide investigations.

14/15 uncut episodes direct from 16mm film prints to DVD SP.

Season 1
1. Promise to Kill 2Feb76
2. Sand Trap 9Feb76
3. Too Much, Too Soon Blues 16Feb76
4. Thicker Than Blood 23Feb76
5. Dry Ice 1Mar76
6. Follow the Yellow Brick Road 8Mar76
7. The Mourning Line 15Mar76
8. Death of the Party 22Mar76
9. Eclipse 29Mar76
10. Executioner 5Apr76
11. Runaway 12Apr76
12. Plastique 19Apr76
13. Homicide is a Fine Art 31May76
15. Homicide 96403. John Smith 14Jun76