Judd for the Defense

Great late-60s courtroom drama with a highly contemporary ring. 42/50 eps, plus one crossover ep, from VHS SP/EP (from TVLand and 16mm film prints) to DVD SP. Quality varies from real nice (TVLand) to fair (most from 16mm are generate and have almost no color, but the video is stable and watchable). OTV = other tv broadcast, not as nice as TVLand but usually better than 16mm. Would love to find high quality upgrades from non-TVLand airings.

Note: There are lots of discrepancies between the episode guide below and the one at tv.com. The one below is correct.

Season 1
1. Tempest In A Texas Town 08Sep67 (TVL)
2. The Deep End 15Sep67 (TVL)
3. The Other Face of the Law 22Sep67 (TVL)
4. A Civil Case of Murder 29Sep67 (16mm)
5. Shadow of a Killer 06Oct67 (16mm, generated)
6. Conspiracy 13Oct67 (16mm)
7. Confessional 20Oct67 (16mm)
8. Death From A Flower Girl 3Nov67 (16mm)
9. Citizen Ritter 10Nov67 (16mm)
10. The Money Farm 17Nov67 (16mm)
11. To Kill A Madman 24Nov67 (16mm)
12. Commitment 01Dec67 (TVL)
13. To Love and Stand Mute 08Dec67 (OTV)
14. The Living Victim 15Dec67 (16mm)
15. Firebrand 22Dec67 (OTV)
16. Everyone Loved Harland But His Wife 29Dec67
17. Fall of a Skylark (1) The Trial 5Jan68 (NICE 16mm)
18. Fall of a Skylark (2) The Appeal 12Jan68 (NICE 16mm)
19. No Law Against Murder 19Jan68 (16mm, generated)
21. What You Can Do With Money 02Feb68 (OTV)
22. Kingdom of the Blind 9Feb68 (TVL)
23. The Devil's Surrogate 23Feb68 (TVL)
24. Square House 01Mar68 (TVL)
26. You Remember Joe Maddox 22Mar68 (16mm B&W)

Season 2
28. Transplant 4Oct68 (16mm)
29. The Ends of Justice 11Oct68 (16mm)
30. The Name Of This Game Is Aquittal 18Oct68 (16mm)
31. The Sound of the Plastic Axe 25Oct68 (16mm)
33. Weep the Hunter Home 08Nov68 (TVL, uncut)
32. The Death Farm 01Nov68 (16mm, generated)
34. The Gates of Cerberus 15Nov68 (OTV) missing title credits
35. My Client, The Fool 22Nov68 (16mm)
36. Punishment, Cruel and Unusual 6Dec68 (TVL)
37. Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live 13Dec68
38. A Swim With Sharks 20Dec68 (16mm, generated)
39. The Crystal Maze 3Jan69 (16mm, generated)
40. Borderline Girl 10Jan69 (16mm, generated)
42. The Poisoned Tree 24Jan69 (16mm, generated)
Felony Squad #73. The Law and Order Blues (1) 31Jan69 (16mm)
43. The Law and Order Blues 31Jan69 (16mm)
44. Between the Dark and the Daylight 7Feb69 (TVL)
45. The Holy Ground (1) The Killing 14Feb69 (16mm)
46. The Holy Ground (2) The Killers 21Feb69 (16mm)
47. An Elephant in a Cigar Box 28Feb69 (TVL)
48. The View From the Ivory Tower 7Mar69 (TVL)
49. Runaway 14Mar69 (TVL)