Marcus Welby, M.D.

Complete series uncut (or close-to) eps, 3 eps to a disc at SP+ mode (2 1/2 hours/disc, full D1 resolution).

Eps are very high quality recorded direct off-broadcast to DVD SP. Pilot is probably from an old off-broadcast VHS EP, doesn't look generated, but does look old.
Reunion movies are a couple of generations down.

P1. A Matter of Humanities 26Mar69 (2 hrs)

Season 1
Available retail.

Season 2
Availabel retail.

Season 3
51. Tender Comrade 14Sep71
52. A Portrait of Debbie 21Sep71
53. In My Father's House 28Sep71
54. I Can Hardly Tell You Apart 15Oct71
55. This Is Max 12Oct71
56. Men Who Care (1) 19Oct71
Owen Marshall #6. Men Who Care (2) 21Oct71
57. Ask Me Again Tomorrow 26Oct71
58. Don't Phase Me Out 02Nov71
59. Echo From Another World 09Nov71
60. The Best Is Yet To Be 16Nov71
61. A Yellow Bird 23Nov71
62. They Grow Up 30Nov71
63. Of Magic Shadow Shapes 07Dec71
64. Cross Match 14Dec71
65. The Basic Moment (1) 04Jan72
66. The Basic Moment (2) 11Jan72
67. All the Pretty People 25Jan72
68. I'm Really Trying 01Feb72
69. "It Is So Soon That I Am Done For - I Wonder What I Was Begun For?" 8Feb72
70. Just a Little Courage 15Feb72
71. Don't Talk About Darkness 22Feb72
72. Once There Was A Bantu Prince 29Feb72
73. A Taste of Salt 07Mar72
74. Solomon's Choice 14Mar72

Season 4
75. A Fragile Possession 12Sep72
76. Love Is When They Say They Need You 19Sep72
77. We'll Walk Out of Here Together 26Sep72
78. In Sickness and In Health 03Oct72
79. House of Mirrors 10Oct72
80. He Could Sell Iceboxes To Eskimos 17Oct72
81. The Wednesday Game 24Oct72
82. Don and Denise 31Oct72
83. Please Don't Send Flowers 14Nov72
84. With A Shout, Not A Whimper 21Nov72
85. Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick 28Nov72
86. Unto the Next Generation 05Dec72
87. Heartbeat For Yesterday 12Dec72
88. Dinner of Herbs 19Dec72
89. A More Exciting Case 02Jan73
90. A Necessary End 09Jan73
91. Who Are You Arthur Kolinski? 16Jan73
92. Gemini Descending 23Jan73
93. The Problem With Charlie 30Jan73
94. Catch A Ring That Isn't There 06Feb73
95. The Working Heart 13Feb73
96. The Other Martin Loring 20Feb73
97. The Day After Forever 27Feb73
98. The Tortoise Dance 06Mar73

Season 5
99. The Panic Path 11Sep73
100. A Joyful Song 18Sep73
101. For Services Rendered 25Sep73
102. Blood Kin 02Oct73
103. The Light At the Threshold 09Oct73 (reception a bit off, but okay)
104. A Question of Fault 16Oct73
105. Friends In High Places 23Oct73
106. The Endless Moment 30Oct73
107. The Tall Tree 06Nov73
108. The Circles of Shame 20Nov73
109. Nguyen 27Nov73
110. A Cry In The Night 11Dec73
111. Death Is Only A Side Effect 18Dec73
112. The Comeback 01Jan74
113. A Full Life 08Jan74
114. No Charity For the MacAllisters 15Jan74
115. Each Day A Miracle 22Jan74
116. The Fear of Silence 29Jan74
117. Angela's Nightmare 05Feb74
118. The Mugging 12Feb74
119. The Latch Key Child 19Feb74
120. Out of Control 26Feb74
121. I've Promised You a Father, (1) 05Mar74
Owen Marshall #66. I've Promised You a Father (2) 9Mar74
122. Designs 12May74

Season 6
123. The Brittle Warrior 10Sep74
124. The Faith of Childish Things 17Sep74
125. Last Flight to Babylon 24Sep74
126. To Father A Child 01Oct74
127. The Outrage 08Oct74
128. The Fatal Challenge 15Oct74
129. A Fevered Angel 22Oct74
130. Feedback 29Oct74
131. No Gods In Sight 12Nov74
132. Hell Is Upstairs 19Nov74
133. The Last Rip-Off 26Nov74
134. Child of Silence 03Dec74
135. The 266 Days 10Dec74
136. The Resident 17Dec74
137. Dark Fury (1) 07Jan75
138. Dark Fury (2) 14Jan75
139. Public Secrets 21Jan75
140. The Time Bomb 28Jan75
141. Four Plus Hot 04Feb75
142. Jake's Okay 11Feb75
143. Save the Last Dance For Me 18Feb75
144. Unindicted Wife 25Feb75
145. Dark Corridors 04Mar75
146. Loser in a Dead Heat 11Mar75

Season 7
147. Tomorrow May Never Come 09Sep75
148. The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes 16Sep75
149. The Lie 23Sep75
150. The Covenant 30Sep75
151. The Double-Edged Razor 07Oct75
152. To Live Another Day 14Oct75
153. An End And A Beginning 21Oct75
154. The Tidal Wave 28Oct75
155. The Strange Behaviour of Paul Kelland 04Nov75
156. Calculated Risk 11Nov75
157. Killers of Dreams 18Nov75
158. The Medea Factor 02Dec75
159. The One Face In the World 09Dec75
160. Go Ahead and Cry 16Dec75
161. Strike Two! 06Jan76
162. How Do You Know What Hurts Me? 13Jan75
163. Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 1 20Jan76
164. Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 2 27Jan76
165. The Highest Mountain 17Feb76 (2 hrs)
166. To Trump An Ace 24Feb76
167. All Passions Spent 02Mar76
168. Vanity Case (1) 27Apr76
169. Aspects of Love (2) 04May76

TV Movies
M1. The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. 16May84 (2nd-3rd gen)
M2. Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Holiday Affair 19Dec88 (2nd-3rd gen)