Matt Helm

Complete series, recorded direct from broadcast to VHS SP, transferred to DVD SP - high quality, and uncut. Rare series.

P1. Matt Helm 7May75

Season 1
1. Dead Men Talk 20Sep75 (no end credits)
2. Now I Lay Me Down to Die 27Sep75
3. Scavenger's Paradise 11Oct75
4. The Game of the Century 18Oct75
5. Murder on Ice 25Oct75
6. Squeeze Play 1Nov75
7. Deadly Breed 8Nov75
8. Death Rods 15Nov75
9. Double Jeopardy 22Nov75
10. Think Murder 6Dec75
11. Murder on the Run 13Dec75
12. Panic 27Dec75
13. Die Once, Die Twice 3Jan76