McClain's Law

Short-lived James Arness cop series. 14/15 eps.

From TNT or 16mm film prints, real nice quality except as noted (eps 3 & 7).

Season 1
1. Pilot 20Nov81 (2 hours)
2. Requiem for a Narc 27Nov81 (16mm)
3. A Time of Peril 4Dec81
4. Let the Victims Beware 11Dec81 (16mm optical transfer)
5. Portrait of a Playmate 18Dec81 (picture jitters) (TNT)
6. To Save the Queen 8Jan82 (16mm)
7. A Matter of Honor 15Jan82 (16mm optical transfer)
8. The Sign of the Beast (1) 22Jan82 (16mm)
9. The Sign of the Beast (2) 29Jan82 (16mm)
10. What Patric Doesn't Know 5Feb82
11. Green Light 12Feb82
12. Use of Deadly Force 19Feb82
14. From the Mouths of Babes 13Mar82 (16mm)
15. The Last Hero 20Mar82 (TNT)