Medical Center

Long-running medical drama that hasn't been broadcast in years.

157/170 eps. Quality: Varies, many from older 1st-2nd gen. VHS from TNT/PAX airings to DVD SP. Some are more generated. I am looking for episodes I don't have and really nice, off-TNT-broadcast upgrades of almost every episode.

UPDATE: I now have 157 of the 170 eps. Go to my wants list and anything there listed as "Pending" has now arrived. Will update this list as I go through them and confirm everything.

P1. U.M.C. 17Apr69 (2 hrs)

Season 1
Available retail.

Season 2
Available retail.

Season 3
Available retail.

Season 4
Available retail.

Season 5
Available retail.

Season 6
123. Adults Only 09Sep74 (TNT)
124. Demi-God 16Sep74 (TNT)
126. Three-Cornered Cage 30Sep74
127. The Shattered Mask 07Oct74 (WPIX)
128. May God Have Mercy 21Oct74
130. The Bribe 04Nov74
131. Tainted Lady 11Nov74 (TNT)
132. Heel of the Tyrant 18Nov74
133. Three on a Tightrope 25Nov74 (WPIX) 
135. Kiss and Kill 09Dec74 (KTVU, old recording, dropouts etc.)
136. Saturday`s Child 16Dec74 (TNT, missing prologue, otherwise nice)
137. The Hostile Heart 30Dec74
138. No Way Home 06Jan75
139. Captives 13Jan75 (uncut, LP, no end credits)
140. Crown of Thorns 03Feb75
141. The Invisible Wife 10Feb75 
142. If Mine Eye Offends Me 24Feb75
143. Survivors 03Mar75
144. Aftershock 10Mar75 (WPIX, no end credits)
145. Half a Life 17Mar75 (16mm)
146. The Rip-Off 24Mar75 (TNT, no end credits)

Season 7
147. The Fourth Sex (1) 08Sep75 (TNT)
148. The Fourth Sex (2) 15Sep75 (no end credits) (TNT)
149. Torment 22Sep75
150. No Hiding Place 29Sep75
152. The Price of a Child 13Oct75 (uncut)
153. Street Girl 20Oct75 (uncut, 3rd, WPIX)
154. Too Late for Tomorrow 03Nov75
155. The Last Performance 10Nov75 (uncut)
156. Two Against Death 17Nov75
157. One Last Rebellion 24Nov75 (no end credits, generated - low quality)
158. The Eighth Deadly Sin 01Dec75
160. The High Cost of Winning 15Dec75 (TNT)
161. The Silent Witness 29Dec75 (TNT, LP)
162. A Very Private War 12Jan76 (TNT)
163. You Can't Annul My Baby 19Jan76 (missing end credits)
165. The Stranger 09Feb76 (KTVU, LP)
167. Life, Death and Mrs. Armbruster 23Feb76 (uncut but no end credits)
168. Major Annie, M.D. 01Mar76 (WPIX)
169. The Happy State of Depression 08Mar76