Movin On

Pilot, 28/45 eps. Those noted 16mm or Fox (21 eps) are pretty good, those noted KZKC are very low quality.

P1. In Tandem 8May74 (16mm)

Season 1
4. Life Line 3Oct74 (Fox)
5. The Trick is to Stay Alive 10Oct74 (16mm)
6. Cowhands 24Oct74 (Fox)
7. The Good Life 7Nov74 (16mm)
8. Games 14Nov74 (opening teaser mostly missing) (Fox)
9. Hoots 21Nov74 (16mm)
10. Good for Laughs 28Nov74 (16mm)
11. High Rollers 5Dec74 (16mm)
13. Goin' Home (2) 19Dec74 (16mm)
14. Antiques 26Dec74 (16mm)
15. Explosion 2Jan75 (16mm)
17. Fraud 30Jan75 (16mm)
18. Ammo 6Feb75 (KZKC)
20. Ransom 20Feb75 (16mm)

Season 2
23. The Stowaway 9Sep75 (16mm)
28. Will the Last Trucker Leaving Charlotte Turn Out the Lights? 21Oct75 (16mm)
29. General Delivery Raleigh 4Nov75 (16mm)
31. Prosperity #1 18Nov75 (16mm)
32. Please Don't Talk to the Driver 25Nov75 (KZKC)
34. The Long Way to Nowhere 9Dec75 (KZKC)
36. Love, Death and Laura Brown 23Dec75 (16mm)
39. The Big Switch 20Jan76 (16mm)
40. Woman of Steel 27Jan76 (16mm)
41. Living It Up 3Feb76 (KZKC)
42. A Home is Not a House 10Feb76 (16mm)
43. No More Sad Songs 17Feb76 (KZKC)
44. Full Fathom Five 24Feb76 (KZKC)
45. Sing It Again, Sonny 2Mar76 (KZKC)