The Name of the Game

Unless noted "low" or "poor" quality, eps recorded off-broadcast (Mystery/MoviePlex) to VHS (SP or EP?), transferred to DVD in FR mode so to maximize the bit-rate (give best possible quality). Those noted "low quality" are watchable, but are from much older and generated recordings.
I am looking for the pilot movie and all missing episodes, and upgrades for my "low quality" ones.

Season 1
1. The Fear of High Places 20Sep68
2. The Witness 27Sep68 (very poor quality)
3. The Taker 04Oct68 (low quality)
4. Collectors' Edition 11Oct68 (low quality)
5. Nightmare 18Oct68
6. Incident in Berlin 25Oct68
11. The White Birch 29Nov68
12. High On A Rainbow 06Dec68 (low quality)
13. The Black Answer 13Dec68 (low quality)
16. Swingers Only 10Jan69
17. The Inquiry 17Jan68
18. The Incomparable Connie Walker 24Jan68
19. Love-In At Ground Zero 31Jan68
21. Keep the Doctor Away 14Feb69 (low quality)
22. The Bobby Currier Story 21Feb69 (low quality)
23. A Wrath of Angels 28Feb69
24. The Third Choice 07Mar69
25. Breakout To A Fast Buck 14Mar69
26. An Agent of the Plaintiff 21Mar69 (low quality)

Season 2
28. A Hard Case of the Blues 26Sep69
29. Blind Man's Bluff 03Oct69 (low quality) 31. Chains of Command 17Oct69
32. Goodbye Harry 24Oct69
33. Give Till It Hurts 31Oct69 (low quality)
34. The Perfect Image 07Nov69
39. Laurie Marie 19Dec69
40. The Tradition 02Jan70
41. Brass Ring 09Jan70 (low quality)
42. Island of Gold and Precious Stones 16Jan69
43. The Takeover 23Jan70
44. The Garden 30Jan70
45. Tarot 13Feb70
46. The King of Denmark 20Feb70
48. Man of the People 06Mar70 (grainy)
50. Jenny Wilde Is Drowning 27Mar70 (G) (low quality)
52. The Other Kind of Spy 10Apr70

Season 3
53. So Long Baby, and Amen 18Sep70
54. A Love To Remember 25Sep70 (low quality)
55. Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon 02Oct70
58. The Time Is Now 23Oct70
59. The War Merchants 30Oct70 ((low quality)
60. Little Bear Died Running 06Nov70
61. All the Old Familar Faces 13Nov70
64. Why I Blew Up Dakota 04Dec70
66. The Glory Shouter 18Dec70
68. Los Angeles 2017 15Jan71
71. A Capitol Affair 12Feb71 (low quality)
73. Appointment in Palermo 26Feb71
74. Beware of the Watchdog 05Mar71
76. The Showdown 19Mar71