James Garner as the reluctant sheriff of the town of Nichols. Also stars Stuart Margolin and Margot Kidder. Garner considers this show to be his best work!

Except where noted "very bad quality" which are highly generated tv copies, all are from 16mm films, varying from 2nd-4th gen VHS copies put to DVD SP. Most are about 2nd gen and are quite nice to watch. Almost all have a reddish-tone to them, as you sometimes see in film copies. Rare series.

Season 1
1. Nichols 16Sep71
2. The Siege 23Sep71
3. The Indian Giver 30Sep71
4. Paper Badge 07Oct71 (very bad quality)
5. Gulley vs Hansen 14Oct71
6. Deer Crossing 21Oct71
7. The Specialists 28Oct71
8. Peanuts And Crackerjacks 04Nov71
9. Ketcham Power 11Nov71
10. The One Eyed Mule's Time Has Come 23Nov71
11. Away The Rolling River 30Nov71
12. Where Did Everybody Go? 07Dec71
13. The Marrying Fool 28Dec71
14. Eddie Joe 04Jan72
15. Zachariah 11Jan72
16. The Unholy Alliance 18Jan72
17. Slight Of Hand 01Feb72
18. Wings Of An Angel 08Feb72
19. About Jessie James 15Feb72 (very bad quality)
20. Fight Of The Century 22Feb72
21. Man's Best Enemy 29Feb72
22. Wonder Fizz Flies Again 07Mar72
23. All In The Family 14Mar72
24. Bertha ?