O'Hara U.S. Treasury

Forgotten Jack Webb series starring David Janssen.

Pilot, 22/22 eps on DVD SP. Eps run about 46:30 each.
Most eps, except those from the movies (#s 3, 6, 20 & 21) and #s 8 and 13 are from off-air airings (WGBS Philly) and look real nice. Ep #s 8 and 13 are from A&E airings, a generation or two down but still quite watchable. The 4 eps that comprised the movies are also watchable, but quite a bit less-so.

P1. O'Hara U.S. Treasury 2Apr71

Season 1
1. Operation: Big Store 17Sep71
2. Operation: Bandera 24Sep71
3. Operation: Stolen Bonds 01Oct71 (part 2 of movie: Ladies of Crime)
4. Operation: Bribery 08Oct71
5. Operation: Time-Fuse 15Oct71
6. Operation: Offset 22Oct71 (part 1 of movie: Counterfeit Green)
8. Operation: Spread 05Nov71
9. Operation: Deadhead 12Nov71
10. Operation: Hi-Jack 26Nov71
11. Operation: Crystal Springs 03Dec71
12. Operation: Pay Off 10Dec71
13. Operation: Moonshine 17Dec71
14. Operation: XW-1 07Jan72
15. Operation: Lady Luck 14Jan72
16. Operation: Deathwatch 21Jan72
17. Operation: White Fire 28Jan72
18. Operation: Dorias 04Feb72
19. Operation: Rake-Off 11Feb72
20. Operation: Mr. Felix 18Feb72 (part 2 of movie: Counterfeit Green)
21. Operation: Good Citizen 03Mar72 (part 1 of movie: Ladies of Crime)
22. Operation: Smoke Screen 10Mar72