Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law

From various VHS sources, quality varies.

P1. A Pattern of Morality 12Sep71 (2 hrs)

Season 1
1. Legacy of Fear 16Sep71
2. A Lonely Stretch of Beach 23Sep71
3. Eulogy for a Wide Receiver 30Sep71
6. Men Who Care 21Oct71 (Marcus Welby crossover, with Welby set)
7. Shadow of a Name 28Oct71
11. Burden of Proof 2Dec71
12. Until Proven Innocent 9Dec71
13. Voice from a Nightmare 16Dec71
14. The Triangle 30Dec71
16. 8 Cents Worth of Protection 13Jan72
18. Victim in Shadows 27Jan72
19. Shine a Light on Me 3Feb72 (TVL)
21. Smiles from Yesterday 17Feb72
22. A Question of Degree 24Feb72

Season 2
24. Words of Summer 14Sep72 (TVL)
27. Hour of Judgment 5Oct72
30. Five Will Get You Six 26Oct72 (TVL)
32. Love Child 9Nov72
33. Charlie Gave Me Your Number 16Nov72
35. Starting Over Again 7Dec72
37. Sigh No More, Lady 21Dec72
38. An Often and Familiar Ghost 4Jan73
39. Sometimes Tough Is Good 17Jan73
40. Seed of Doubt 24Jan73
43. They've Got to Blame Somebody 14Feb73
44. Some People in a Park 21Feb73
45. Final Semester 7Mar73
46. A Girl Named Tham 14Mar73 (TVL)

Season 3
47. A Lesson in Loving 12Sep73
49. The Pool House 26Sep73
51. N is for Nightmare 17Oct73
52. The Camerons Are a Special Clan 24Oct73
53. Poor Children of Eve 31Oct73
54. The Sin of Susan Gentry 17Nov73
55. Child of Wednesday 28Nov73
57. The Prowler 12Dec73
59. Etude for a Kidnapper 2Jan74
60. House of Friends 19Jan74
63. A Killer with a Badge 9Feb74
64. The Sterilization of Judy Simpson 16Feb74
66. I've Promised You a Fatherů 9Mar74 (Marcus Welby crossover, with Welby set)
68. The Desertion of Keith Ryder 30Mar74