The Partners

a.k.a. Get Smart 2. Overall, nice quality from VHS SP originally from 16mm film prints
to DVD SP, though some have turned reddish as sometimes happens with old film. Uncut.
#s 7 and 9 are from Australian TV broadcasts, are slightly cut and are in PAL.

Season 1
1. Here Come the Fuzz 18Sep71
2. Abra Cadaver 25Sep71
3. The Prisoner of Fender 2Oct71
4. Waterloo at Napoleon 9Oct71
5. How Many Carats in a Grapefruit? 16Oct71
6. Witness for the Execution 23Oct71
7. Our Butler Didn't Do It 30Oct71
8. Requiem for a Godfather 6Nov71
9. Take My Wife - Please 13Nov71
10. Have I Got an Apartment for You! 27Nov71
11. To Catch a Crooke 4Dec71
12. New Faces 11Dec71
13. North Is Now South 18Dec71
14. Desperate Ours 25Dec71 (crackly audio)
15. They Steal Cars, Don't They? 8Jan72
16. Headlines for Higgenbottom 28Jul72
17. Magnificent Perception 4Aug72
18. Two or False 11Aug72
19. Two in a Pen 25Aug72
20. The 217 in 402 8Sep72 (?)