The Partridge Family

Almost all eps are complete - taken from two (differently) cut sources to form a complete episode. Primary footage was recorded off-air onto High Grade VHS at SP. Additional footage is from an Australian broadcast from the 80s, VHS SP, probably 1st gen. Compiled in DVD SP in chronological broadcast order.

Unaired Version (longer and with Jack Cassidy) - very generated, want upgrade.

Season 1

Season 2
26. Dora, Dora, Dora 17Sep71
27. In 25 Words Or Less 24Sep71
28. A Man Called Snake 1Oct71
29. The Undergraduate 8Oct71
30. Anatomy of a Tonsil 15Oct71
31. Whatever Happened to Moby Dick? 22Oct71
32. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge 29Oct71
33. Days of Acne and Roses 5Nov71
34. Tale of Two Hamsters 12Nov71
35. The Forty Year Itch 19Nov71
36. I Can Get it for You Retail 26Nov71
37. Guess Who's Coming to Drive? 10Dec71
38. Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa 17Dec71
39. Where Do Mermaids Go? 31Dec71
40. Home is Where the Heart Was 7Jan72
41. Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge 14Jan72
42. Waiting for Bolero 21Jan72
43. I Am Curious Partridge 28Jan72
44. My Heart Belongs to a Two-Car Garage 4Feb72
45. Hel-l-l-l-p 11Feb72
46. Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch 18Feb72
47. The Partridge Papers 3Mar72
48. All's War in Love and Fairs 10Mar72
49. Who is Max Ledbetter and Why is He Saying All Those Horrible Things? 17Mar72

Season 3
50. This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market 15Sep72
51. M is for the Many Things 22Sep72
52. Princess and the Partridge 29Sep72
53. Each Dawn I Diet 6Oct72
54. A Penny for His Thoughts 13Oct72
55. You're Only Young Twice 20Oct72
56. The Mod Father 27Oct72
57. A Likely Candidate 3Nov72
58. Swiss Family Partridge 10Nov72
59. Ain't Loveth Grand 17Nov72
60. Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge? 24Nov72
61. Nag, Nag, Nag 8Dec72
62. For Sale by Owner 29Dec72
*63. Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8 5Jan73
64. For Whom the Bell Tolls . . . and Tolls . . . and Tolls 12Jan73
65. Trial of Partridge One 19Jan73
66. I Left My Heart in Cincinnati 26Jan73
67. The ElevenYear Itch 2Feb73
68. Bedknobs and Drumsticks 9Feb73
69. Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Couldn't Pronounce 16Feb73
70. Forgive Us Our Debts 23Feb73
71. The Partridge Connection 2Mar73
72. The Selling of the Partridges 9Mar73
73. Diary of a Mad Millionaire 16Mar73
74. Me and My Shadow 23Mar73

Season 4
75. Hate Thy Neighbor 15Sep73
76. None But the Lonely 22Sep73
77. Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge 29Sep73
78. The Strike-Out King 6Oct73
79. Reuben Kincaid Lives 13Oct73
80. Double Trouble 20Oct73
81. The Last Howard 27Oct73
82. The Diplomat 3Nov73
83. Heartbreak Keith 10Nov73
84. A Day of Honesty 17Nov73
85. Al in the Family 24Nov73
86. Made in San Pueblo 8Dec73
87. Art for Mom's Sake 12Jan74
88. Two for the Show 19Jan74
89. Danny Drops Out 26Jan74
90. Queen for a Minute 2Feb74
91. Danny Converts 9Feb74
92. Miss Partridge, Teacher 23Feb74
93. Keith and Lauriebelle 2Mar74
94. Morning Becomes Electric 9Mar74
95. Pin it on Danny 16Mar74
96. . . . _ _ _ . . . (S.O.S) 23Mar74