Police Woman

Third and 4th seasons are from pretty nice 16mm film prints.

P1. The Gamble 26Mar74 (Police Story episode)

Season 1
Available retail.

Season 2
Available retail.

Season 3
46. The Trick Book 28Sep76 (2 hours)
47. Tender Soldier 05Oct76 (16mm)
48. Trial by Prejudice 12Oct76 (16mm)
49. Sarah Who? 26Oct76 (16mm)
50. Broken Angels 09Nov76 (16mm)
52. The Lifeline Agency 23Nov76 (16mm)
53. Tennis Bum 30Nov76 (16mm)
54. Bait 07Dec76 (16mm)
55. The Death of a Dream 14Dec76
56. Father to the Man 21Dec76 (16mm)
57. Night of the Full Moon 28Dec76 (16mm)
58. Incident Near a Black and White 04Jan77
60. Banker's Hours 18Jan77 (16mm)
61. Disco Killer 25Jan77 (16mm)
63. The Killer Cowboys 08Feb77
62. Shadow of a Doubt 01Feb77 (16mm)
64. Shark 15Feb77 (16mm)
66. Bondage 01Mar77 (16mm)
67. Silky Chamberlain 08Mar77
68. Deadline: Death 22Mar77 (16mm)

Season 4
69. Do You Still Beat Your Wife? 25Oct77 (16mm)
71. Means to an End 08Nov77 (16mm)
72. The Inside Connection 22Nov77 (16mm)
73. Screams 06Dec77 (16mm)
75. Merry Christmas, Waldo 14Dec77 (NBC)
76. Death Game 21Dec77 (16mm)
78. Blind Terror 04Jan78 (16mm)
81. The Young and the Fair 25Jan78 (16mm)
83. Sixth Sense 08Feb78 (16mm)
86. Battered Teachers 01Mar78 (16mm)
87. A Shadow on the Sea 08Mar78 (16mm)
90. Good Old Uncle Ben 30Mar78 (16mm)