Room 222

Great time-capsule show. Probably doesn't hold much interest to those who weren't there but is held in fond memory by many who were.

95/113 eps on DVD SP.

16mm = Nice and uncut from film.
CKVR = from off-broadcast VHS to DVD SP, but color can be very faded on some of these.
TVL = TVLand, nice 2nd gen. quality, 21' long.
OTV = Other TV.

I am looking to complete this series.

Season 1
Available retail.

Season 2
Available retail.

Season 3:
53. KWWH 17Sep71 (16mm)
54. The Stutterer 24Sep71 (16mm)
55. America's Guest 01Oct71 (16mm)
56. Welcome Back, Miss Brown 08Oct71 (16mm)
58. Suitable For Framing 22Oct71 (TVL)
61. Stay Awhile, Mr. Dream Chaser 12Nov71 (16mm)
63. What is a Man? 03Dec71 (OTV, low quality, generated)
64. The Sins of the Father 10Dec71 (OTV, low quality, generated)
65. They Love Me, they Love Me Not 17Dec71 (16mm)
68. Where Is It Written? 14Jan72 (TVL)
69. And in This Corner . . . 21Jan72 (16mm)
70. We Hold These Truths . . . 28Jan72 (CKVR)
71. Suing Means Saying You're Sorry 04Feb72 (16mm)
72. I Gave My Love 11Feb72 (16mm)
73. The Witch of Whitman High 18Feb72 (16mm)
74. The Quitter 25Feb72 (16mm)
75. There's No Fool Like . . . 03Mar72 (16mm)

Season 4
76. A Little Flyer on the Market 15Sep72 (CKVR)
77. I Wonder if January Fifteenth Will Ever Come Again? 22Sep72 (CKVR)
78. Just Call Me Mr. Sahigmetsu 29Sep72 (16mm)
79. And He's Not Even Lovable 06Oct72 (CKVR)
80. Hands Across the Sea 13Oct72 (CKVR)
81. The Imposter 20Oct72 (16mm)
82. Lift, Thrust, and Drag 27Oct72 (CKVR)
83. You Don't Know Me, He Said 03Nov72 (CKVR)
84. Walt Whitman Goes Bananas 10Nov72 (source? nice though, and uncut)
85. Bleep 17Nov72 (16mm)
89. The Nichols Girl 22Dec72 (16mm)
90. Pardon Me, Your Apathy is Showing 05Jan73 (CKVR, low color)
92. Man, If You're So Smart . . . 19Jan73 (16mm)
93. The Hand That Feeds 02Feb73 (16mm)
94. Fifteen Years and What Do You Get? 09Feb73 (16mm)
95. Someone Special 16Feb73 (16mm)
96. A Hairy Escape 23Feb73 (source? nice though, and uncut)
97. The Noon Goon 02Mar73 (16mm)
98. To Go with the Bubbles 09Mar73 (16mm)

Season 5:
99. I've Got the Hammer, If You've Got the Thumb 14Sep73 (16mm)
101. Can Nun Be One Two Many? 28Sep73 (16mm)
102. No Island is an Island 05Oct73 (16mm)
103. Twenty-Five Words or Less 26Oct73 (16mm)
104. Pete's Protege 02Nov73 (16mm)
106. Pi in the Sky 16Nov73 (16mm)
108. Here's to the Boy Most Likely 07Dec73 (16mm)
109. El Greco to Jason 21Dec73 (16mm)
110. MPG 28Dec73 (TVL)
111. I Didn't Raise My Girl to Be a Soldier 04Jan74 (16mm)
113. Jason and Big Mo UNAIRED (16mm)