Short-lived, and rare, David Birney series based on the Pacino movie.

12/15 eps from off-broadcast TVLand airings (LP mode) or uncut 16mm film prints (SP mode) - nice.

Season 1
1. The Country Boy 24Sep76 (TVLand)
2. The Traitor in Our Midst 1Oct76 (16mm)
3. The Indian 8Oct76 (TVLand)
4. Every Man Must Pay His Dues 29Oct76 (16mm)
6. Trumpet of Time 12Nov76 (16mm)
7. Prime Evil 19Nov76
8. Rapid Fire 10Dec76 (16mm)
9. Dawn of the Furies 17Dec76 (16mm)
10. The Serbian Connection 24Dec76 (16mm)
11. Danger Zone 31Dec76 (16mm)
13. The Party of Your Choice 14Jan77 (16mm)
15. A Secret Place UNAIRED (TVLand)