T.H.E. Cat

Cult series starring Robert Loggia portraying a former arial-stuntman turned bodyguard.

26/26 eps in chronological broadcast order on DVD SP. From 1st-2nd gen SP VHS copies of 16mm film prints. Best quality I've these I've found.

Season 1
1. To Kill a Priest 16Sep66 (b&w and (color)
2. Sandman 23Sep66 (b&w)
3. Payment Overdue 30Sep66 (b&w)
4. Brotherhood 07Oct66 (color)
5. Little Arnie from Long Ago 15Oct66 (color)
6. None to Weep, None to Mourn 21Oct66 (b&w)
7. Moment of Truth 28Oct66 (b&w)
8. Marked For Death 04Nov66 (b&w)
9. Crossing at Destino Bay 18Nov66 (color)
10. To Bell T.H.E. Cat 25Nov66 (b&w)
11. Curtains for Miss Winslow 02Dec66 (b&w)
12. King of the Limpets 09Dec66 (color)
13. The System 16Dec66 (b&w)
14. The Canary Who Lost His Voice 23Dec66 (color)
15. The Ring of Anasis 30Dec66 (b&w)
16. Queen of Diamonds, Knave of Hearts 06Jan67 (color)
17. A Hot Place to Die 13Jan67 (b&w)
18. A Slight Family Trait 20Jan67 (color)
19. If Once You Fail 27Jan67 (color)
20. Design For Death 03Feb67 (b&w)
21. Matter Over Mind 10Feb67 (color)
22. The Blood-Red Night 17Feb67 (color)
23. The Ninety Percent Blues 24Feb67 (color)
24. The Long Chase 10Mar67 (b&w)
25. Twenty-One and Out 24Mar67 (color)
26. Lisa 31Mar67 (b&w)