Made-for-TV Movies

Attack on Terror - The F.B.I. vs. the Ku Klux Klan
Originally aired: 20-21Feb75
Part 1: About the FBI's investigation into the Mississippi murders of three civil-rights workers, allegedly at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.
Part 2: About the arrests and trial of Ku Klux Klan members suspected of murdering three civil-rights workers in rural Mississippi.
Starring: Dabney Coleman, Rip Torn, Andrew Duggan, Ned Beatty, Peter Strauss, Wayne Rogers.

Originally aired: 20Mar73
Summary: Three handicapped men decide to improve their luck by planning a complex museum robbery.
Starring: Mike Connors, Michael Cole, Kent McCord, Henry Beckman, Russell Johnson, Logan Ramsey.
Note: Extremely rare film. First 10 to 15 minutes there is dropout, then film settles down.

Originally aired: 14Mar75
Summary: Susan Dey stars as a teenager who faces the horrors of a poorly run penal institution after being mistakenly convicted of murder. Filmed in part at the Las Palmas School for Girls, City of Commerce, Cal.
Starring: Susan Dey, Michael Brandon, Sam Bottoms, Edith Diaz, Lani O'Grady

Originally aired: 1970
Summary: Set in the 21st century, the film concentrates on a group of colonists dwelling in a modernistic underwater city called Pacifica. The deep-sea denizens struggle to cope with the pressures of their new existence--and their own personal animosities. Produced by Irwin Allen (Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel), this movie was a pilot for a series that never materialized.
Starring: Stuart Whitman, James Darren, Robert Colbert, Richard Basehart, Whit Bissell.

Originally aired: 3May77
Summary: An intelligence agent is assigned to prevent a ruthless spy from stealing a formula for a deadly gas. Filmed in Hawaii. Produced by Quinn Martin (FBI, Invaders, Barnaby Jones, Cannon, Streets of San Francisco...), this was a pilot for a series that never materialized.
Starring: Roy Thennes, France Nuyen, Zulu, Don Knight, Eric Braeden.

Originally aired: 10Apr75
Summary:About the cases and complications in the lives of husband-and-wife police detectives Jacob and Helen Horowitz. Pilot for a series that never materialized.
Starring: Michael Constantine, Barbara Rhoades, David Opatoshu, Mariclare Costello

Originally aired: 29Oct78
Summary: Realistically filmed, "Crash" reconstructs an aircraft disaster: the 1972 downing of a commercial jet in the Florida Evergaldes. Some scenes and characters in this 1978 TV-movie have been fictionalized.
Starring: William Shatner, Eddie Albert, Adrienne Barbeau, George Maharis, Ed Nelson, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Christopher Connelly, Brooke Bundy.

Originally aired: 1978
Summary: An Egyptian sarcophagus that is cargo on a pleasure cruise ship has a secret - it contains the son of Satan, and its effects start to make the ship's passengers behave strangely.
Starring: Dirk Benedict, Frank Converse, John Forsythe, Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Jo Ann Harris, Lee Meriwether, Hugh O'Brian, Ray Milland.

Originally aired: 1977
Summary: Backpackers are besieged by forest animals made beserk by depletion of the ozone.
Starring: Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George, Michael Ansara.

Originally aired: 28Oct79
Summary: A deranged man plots a full-speed, head-on collision between two passenger trains.
Starring: Paul Smith, Lloyd Bridges, E.G. Marshall, William Shatner, Raymond Burr, Pat Hingle, Robert Fuller.

Originally aired: 26Jan71
Summary: Sparks fly when a liberated woman doctor agrees to share an apartment with a cop she considers a sexual bigot. Jerry Paris directed the film in San Francisco.
Starring: Barbara Eden, David Hartman, Juliew Newmar, Farrah Fawcett, Harry Morgan.

Originally aired: 28Sep71
Summary: A psychopathic killer transforms a class reunion into a weekend of terror. Exteriors filmed at Santa Catalina, Cal.
Starring: Robert Conrad, Bradford Dillman, Julie Sommars, Denise Nicholas, Stefanie Powers

Originally aired: 13Feb73
Summary: "The Horror at 37,000 Feet" is an unseen force in a 747's cargo hold that is emitting strange voices, freezing cold - and an unearthly head wind holding the plane motionless in the sky.
Starring: William Shatner, Roy Thinnes, Chuck Connors, Lynn Loring, Buddy Ebsen.

Originally aired: 26Feb74
Summary: An iron-willed matriarch who dominates a family of California winegrowers also has a strange power over a colony of bees that thrive in the vineyard.
Starring: Gloria Swanson, Edward Albert, Kate Jackson, Craig Stevens.

Originally aired: 10Jun80
Summary: The Navy hires Honolulu-based underwater salvagers to find a missing Soviet submarine.
Jack Lord's last work as actor and director. Pilot for a series that was not picked up.
Starring: Jared Martin, Jo Ann Harris, Andrew Duggan, Dana Wynter. .

The Night the City Screamed
Originally aired: 14Dec80
Summary: During a New York City blackout a crime spree runs unchecked throughout the darkened metropolis as the Mayor tries to stem the tide of robberies and rapes, even as he labors to becalm the panicky citizens.
Starring: Raymond Burr, Robert Culp, David Cassidy, Georg Stanford Brown, Don Meredith, Linda Purl.

Originally aired: 29Sep70
Summary: Those who run a large metropolitan airport handle several crises on the job.
Starring: Pernell Roberts, Clu Gulager, Beth Brickell, Van Johnson.

Originally aired: 1973
Summary: An incompetent Vice President is in control of the government after the President's plane mysteriously disappears with him on board.
Starring: Buddy Ebsen, Peter Graves, Dabney Colemna, Arthur Kennedy, Raymond Massey, Rip Torn.

Originally aired: 22Nov76
Summary: A swarm of killer bees hover near New Orleans only days before Mardi Gras.
Starring: Ben Johnson, Michael Parks, Gretchen Corbett, James Best.

Originally aired: 24Oct72
Summary: People trapped in a New York subway after an earthquake try to find their way out.
Starring: James Brolin, Don Mitchell, Brooke Bundy, James McEachin.

Originally aired: 1972
Summary: A Los Angeles-bound commercial airliner is hijacked to Russia by an unknown miscreant. Even when the skyjacker is subsequently subdued, the crew must contend with a hidden time bomb.
Starring: Charlton Heston, James Brolin, Yvette Mimieux, Susan Dey.

Originally aired: 3Dec76
Summary: A look at the tangled lives of people involved in a massive - and realistically staged - chain collision.
Starring: Robert Conrad, Buddy Ebsen, Vera Miles, David Groh, Harriet Nelson

Originally aired: 9Jan70
Summary: A made-for-tv fantasy-drama. The discovery of a World War II bomber in the Libyan desert prompts an Air Force investigation. The plane's navigator and sole survivor disobeyed orders and bailed out; now, the ghosts of the dead crewmen stand by, awaiting the navigator's exposure. This was CBS's first made-for-tv movie.
Starring: Vince Edwards, Richard Basehart, William Shatner, Lou Antonio, Patrick Wayne

Originally aired: 31Jan73
Summary: A complex kidnap drama involving not one victim but three - and an unknown mastermind who's thought of everything. Location scenes include parts of San Pedro, Cal.
Starring: John Saxon, Howard Duff, Leslie Nielsen, Barbara Perkins, Sheree North, Trisha Sterling, Robert Reed, Anthony Zerbe

Originally aired: 18Sep73
Summary: A band of dune-buggy-riding malefactors are set on turning an innocent family's camping trip into a holiday of horror. Filmed on the sand dunes around Pismo Beach, Cal.
Starring: Dennis Weaver, Estelle Parsons, Susan Day, Scott Hylands, Michael Christian.

Originally aired: 14Nov73
Summary: A terrified man is locked in a department store and fighting for his life against against ferocious guard dogs trained to kill.
Starring: James Brolin, Susan Clark, Earl Holliman, Tammy Harrington

Originally aired: 11Mar71
Summary: In a routine homicide case, the defense pleads temporary insanity. Prosecutor Logan is inclined to agree - until the size of a shotgun pellet points toward premeditated murder.
Produced by Quinn Martin as a pilot for a series that never materialized - too bad.
Starring: Vic Morrow, Hal Holbrook, Brooke Bundy, James Callahan, Scott Marlowe.

Originally aired: 1974 (15Nov74?)
Summary: A superhuman woman uses her powers to stalk an elusive espionage agent.
Starring: Cathy Lee Crosby, Ricardo Montalban, Andrew Prine, Kaz Garas