The World Famous Graemenac (2015 Edition)

late Feb - early Mar: Planted lots of seedlings - 2 trays each of 3 kinds of tomato (Tie-Dye Tom, King Umberto and Alicia Craig), lettuce, scallion, baby carrots (henceforth carrots), radish.

All did well until it came time to thin them, after which everything died except for 1 single, solitary, Tie-Dye Tom plant.

Sometime in Mar-Apr:
I planted my wooden planters. One had radish and carrot and the other lettuce and onion. I left space in the center to add marigolds later, which I did later (bought from Choices).

Transplanted the 1 Tie-Dye Tom seedling that survived and replanted King Umberto seeds (maybe even Alicia Craig, don't remember). At some point, bought 5 beet plants from Choices and planted 2 on each side of marigold in cedar box(es). 1 (turned out to be 2) transplanted on its own to skinny, but deep terra cotta pot. Also one head of a larger cut and come again lettuce. And spearmint.
And 6 different pepper plants: Hungarian Hot and Ring of Fire into cedar box with carrot and radish.
Hot Jalapeno into pot on its own (?)
Cayenne into cedar box with scallions.
Hot Banana into pot with original Tie-Dye Tom.
Super Chili into pot with a King Umberto.

Planted marigold, 4 King Umberto tomatoes, 2 cucumber

2 King Umberto and 1 cucumber show

2 more King Umberto's show, plant more scallions.

Transplant marigold from Choices with Fuschia.
Plant 1 more Tie-Dye Tom and 2 Alicia Craigs and 1 Pansy.

Transplant 1 King Umberto to Cucumber, 1 into new pot with some lettuce.


Cucumber, King Umberto Tomato.

Carrots, Radish.

East Side of Garden #1

Hungarian Hot, Jalapeno, Super Chili peppers.

East side of Garden #2

Aloe Vera, Beets, Cactus, Basil.

Beets, Lettuce, Begonia, Basil.

Fuschia, Pansies.

West Side of Garden.

1st signs of all 4 Alicia Craigs and 2 new Tie-Dye Toms from 19May.

First signs of lettue in King Umberto (ceramic) pot w/King Umb. of 23May.

Transplant 1 Alicia Craig to pot with single beat.
Transplant 1 Tye-Die (19May) to box w/carrot and radish
Plant more new scallions (4/pot) into 2 King Umberto and new Tye-Die Tom + 1 Alica Craig.

First fuschia flower opening.
Find first cutworm on scallion.

First hummingbird finds feeder!!!
First signs of scallion and ? (lettuce?) in pot w/beat and Alicia Craig.
First sign of scallion in Tie-Dye Tom.
Kill first cutwom ion scallion in a.m.

Started watering in a.m. to help prevent cutworms.
Planted new lettuce in cedar box lettuce bed.
Planted more cob salad with aloe vera
Planted more cilantro with big lettuce
First harvest of the year: 1 radish and some baby lettuce and large lettue, basil and mint.

Aloe Vera, Corn Salad.

Cucumber, King Umberto Tomato.

First Harvest #1

First Harvest #2

First Harvest #3.

First flower on "Super Chili" pepper plant.

First signs of scallions in the 2 King Umberto tomato pots from 28May.


East side of garden.

West side of garden.

Basil, Lettuce, Beet, Aloe Vera

Cucumber, Carrot, Radish.

Lettuce, Scallions.

Radishes bolting. After 2 seasons the experiment is over and I pulled all. Checked carrots (in same cedar box) and they were also basically crappy so I pulled all of them to. After all this time, only 1 looked halfway decent.
Transplanted 1 Alicia Craig from pot w/2 and Cayenne Pepper where carrots were.
Transplanted King Umberto from Hot Jalapeno to where the radishes were.

Fertilized. First time all year - didn't know I should have.

Transplanted Cukey and King Umberto - Cukey to new 12" pot, King Umberto replaced in same ceramic pot. Added more fertilizer.

Pulled out all beets - covered in aphids - except the one in its single pot.
Transplanted Ring of Fire pepper and 1 Alicia Craig into cedar planter where the carrots used to be. There are now 2 A.C.'s there - 1 from when I first pulled the carrots.
Transplanted the Super Chili and King Umberto from single small pot into 12" pot.
Cukey not looking good today.
Transplanted N's Rosemary and Hibiscus from purchased plants.
Transplanted Hungarian Hot from pot w/small Tie-Dye Tom into cedar planter, ex-radish section (left small Tie-Dye Tom in pot).
Transplanted Cayenne from pot w/small Alicia Craig to cedar planter in scallion section. Plant Alicia Craig in same planter in lettuce section.

Planted 6 baby lettuce seeds in container w/unknown tomato
Planted 7 scallion seeds w/Jalapeno and 1 other well-established scallion.
Planted 2 more scallions in pot w/beat and 3 developed scallions.
Planted 10 scallions on west (Alicia Craig) side of cedar box.
Planted 6 lettuce on east (King Umberto) side of cedar box.
Planted 5 lettuce w/cucumber.
Planted 6 scallions in ceramic King Umberto pot.
Planted 9 lettuce along outer edge and 4 scallions more inner in small pot in east corner w/small Tie-Dye Tom.
Planted 12 scallions in cedar box w/scallions.
Planted chives in small terra cotta pot.

Sun starts to hit deck (west corner) at 9:12.
Sun starts to hit hit main row of plants at 9:54.
Shade starts to hit main row of plants at 16:23. Move forward toward rail.
Shade starts in on moved row of plants at 16:50. Sunlight almost done for them for the day.
Plants in full shade by 17:10.
First sign of 2 of the lettuce in container w/unknown tomato.
First sign of 2 lettuce w/cucumber.
First sign of 5 lettuce along outer edge small Tie-Dye Tom east corner pot. By end of day, 8 were coming up.
Very first sign of first lettuce in big pot w/Super Chili and King Umb tom.



King Umberto in ceramic pot.

Cedar box with Hungarian Hot peppers,
Marigolds and Ring of Fire pepper.

King Umberto, Super Chili pepper, Beet and Rosemary.

Another King Umberto with Lettuce and Scallions.

Tie-Dye Tomato and Hot Banana pepper (1)

Tie-Dye Tomato and Hot Banana pepper (2)

West side of garden.

First signs of 2 scallions in cedar box w/scallions.
First signs of 3 scallions in cedar box w/Alicia Craigs.
First signs of 1 scallion in ceramic pot w/King Umberto.
First sign of 2 scallions in pot w/Jalapeno and 1 other established scallion.
First sign of 2 scalloins in pot w/beet.

Notice first pepper on Super Chili - kind of big so had to have shown earlier.

Sun starts to hit deck (west corner) at 9:15.
Sun starts to hit hit main row of plants at 9:50.
All in shade by 17:00, when I woke up from a nap - missed exact time.
Removed all the scraggly tomatoes and kept only the original Tie-Dye, the King Umberto in the ceramic pot and the King Umberto sharing the big pot with the Super Chili.
Planted more lettuce w/other lettuce in cedar box.
Panted more lettuce in pot on west side w/previously unknown tomato.
Planted more scallions on west side of other cedar box (w/Ring of Fire).
Planted more lettuce on east side of other decar box (w/Hungarian Hot).
Planted 2 more scallions in centre of small east side pot where the small Tie-Dye Tom was.
Planted 5 more scallions and 4 more lettuce in other small east side pot where a small King Umberto was.
Fertilized all tomatoes, peppers and cukey.

First flower noticed on Cukey.
First Hungarian Hot pepper.


First cucumber flower.

Hot Banana.

Hungarian Hot.

Super Chili.

Super Chili, silhouette.

Tie-Dye Tom and Hot Banana.

Top of Tie-Dye Tom.

First flower shows on Tie-Dye Tom, a second not far behind.

First cucumber visible and Cukey has 12 flowers now.
Hot Banana looking great.
Super Chili now has 3 big chilis, plus more smaller ones.

Lots of flowers on Tie-Dye Tom and a few on the King Umberto in the ceramic pot.
First flowers showing on King Umberto with the Super Chili.

Cucumber. About a foot taller than the previous week.

First actual cucumber.

Hot Banana.

Hungarian Hot.

Three Super Chilis.


Ring of Fire.

Cayenne (South side of east-side cedar box).

King Umberto.

King Umberto and Super Chili.

Tie-Dye Tomato and Hot Banana.

Top of Tie-Dye Tomato.

Baby lettuce (North side of east-side cedar box)

Hibiscus and grafted Cactus.


Superbells Scarlet.

Beet and scallions.

Fuschia with Marigolds.

Basil, Baby Lettuce and Scallions, Spearmint.

Rosemary, Aloe Vera with Corn Salad, Begonia.

Baby Lettuce and Scallions in pots of ex-Tie-Dye
Tom (top) & King Umberto (bottom).


East side of garden.

West side of garden.

First tomato of the season shows on King Umberto in ceramic pot.
Notice 2 new cucumbers on Cukey, but they're already quite big and have gone unnoticed for a while.

First jalapenos show - 4 at once!

First cloudy/rainy day in many weeks!!
Fertilized everything.
Cukes are getting big (Cukey himself has grown about a foot in the past week).
Another Super Chili pepper has appeared.

The original cuke still quite small - he doesn't get much light
as he is hidden by leaves (pulled back for pic).

The real first two cucumbers are growing very fast - scale is off
as these are much bigger than the cuke to the left.

Cukey continues to grow at a rate of 12"/week.

Top of Tye-Dye Tom.

Two new Hot Banana peppers.
One new cuke (fourth).

Hot Banana #2.

Hot Banana #3.

Fourth cuke.

One new cucumber.
First tomato on 2nd King Umberto (w/Super Chilis)

King Umberto Tomato #2 on plant with Super Chilis #1

King Umberto Tomato #2 on plant with Super Chilis #2


All tomatoes now have 2 or more fruits on them.
Everything growing well, first cucumber almost ready to pick.
First sun hits west side of deck around 9:19.
Last sun hits row of plants on deck around 17:00.

Video of me picking the first cucumber of the season - click here.

Video of me picking the second cucumber of the season - click here.

Fertilized the tomatoes, cucumber and peppers.


New cucumber.

Video of me picking the first super chili of the season: click here.

Gave up on beet and transplanted cactus into the tall skinny pot.
Recently got some relentlessly gay flower pots on eBay and new plants to go with them:


Marigold and Petunias.

Not every cuke makes it :-(


First flower shows on Ring of Fire pepper.


Second flower appears on Ring of Fire pepper - maybe finally get some action?
Finally able to do some snipping and clipping thanks to this cool birthday present:

Notice the first super chili pepper that has started turning red:

Transplanted my marigold from seed from fuschia to its own pot. It still has not flowered, but it has gotten extremely big.

Noticed the first cayenne pepper - already kind of big.

Picked third cucumber.

Fuschia plant budding anew after being flowerless for some time. Might be happy I removed the marigold.
Very first signs of first pepper on Ring of Fire plant - at last!.

Baby Ring of Fire.

Super Chilis.


Aloe Vera and Corn Salad.

East side of garden.

West side of garden.