World Famous Graemenac 2017
The World Famous Graemenac (2017 Edition)
Container Gardening on a south-facing balcony in Vancouver B.C.
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Petunia, Pansies and Nasturtiums (dead).


Geranium and Nasturtium (dead) and Petunia



Looking east.

Naturtiums and Pansies.



After harvesting the last of the fruit a few days earlier, I cut back all 4 Habenero plants, my Long Red Slim Cayenne and the purchased "Super Chili" plant. The Cayenne was the best performing of all the peppers I planted this year so thought I'd give it another year. The "Super Chili", which it's not, was disappointing until the end of the year when it went totally crazy with new flowers in late Oct/early Nov so thought I'd give it another go as well.

Looking east

Ready for overwintering.


Last of the Habaneros.

Spinach doing well.

"Super Chili" is flowering like crazy in late Oct.
after producing very little fruit in the summer.


Moved Hibiscus inside. Removed all fruit on the tomato and pepper plants, except the habaneros.

Looking west.

Looking east.

Hibiscus on last day of being outdoors.

The two peppers from my overwintered Habanero.

Harvested most all of the Habaneros, leaving only a few still needing ripening.

Remaining Habanero fruits.

Overwintered Habanero fruits beginning to ripen.

First bee of the year finally seen (in my garden)!!

Bee enjoying a Habanero plant.

Planted spinach.

Harvested the remaining Tie-Dye Tomatoes. Very small numbers as well as the tomatoes themselves
being much smaller than usual. Still tasty tho'!

Harvested the last of the Hot Portugal and the Hot Banana peppers (from overwintered plant).

Long Red Slim Cayenne just before
harvesting and destruction.

Hot Banana just before harvesting and destruction.

Harvested the majority of my peppers. I had already harvest a handful of the so-called "Super Chili's so my total haul from that plant was more than 1.

Hot Portugal peppers just before
harvesting and destruction.

Yellow Cayenne just before
harvesting and destruction.

(Majority of) 2017 Non-Habanero Pepper Harvest:
1 Yellow Cayenne, 1 "Super Chili", bunch of Cayenettas,
3 Hot Portugals and 5 Long Red Slim Cayennes.

Spoiled Hot Portugal peppers that got waterlogged by lying on the soil - the plant did not grow tall enough for its long fruit.

Overwintered Habanero finally shows its first fruit!

Giving up on the cucumbers which stopped growing some time ago.

Poor cucumber harvest.

First Tie-Dye Tomato of the season.

Back from holidays and there has been a lot of action. Have some additional tomatoes, lots more peppers - especially habaneros - and a couple of cucumbers. Removed the Fonzi melon as there was no fruit to give more space for the cukes.
The overwintered Hot Banana pepper has gone crazy with 4 large peppers and 2 new ones just starting. Last year this plant produced one pepper, just like this years planting (so far).
Very happy to see lots of Habanero peppers and am glad I bought those large plants back in June. Seeing success with the Hot Banana, I am now considering overwintering these Habaneros.

Long Red Slim Cayenne

Hot Portugal

Overwintered Habanero.

Hot Banana

First Habanero fruit appears. Decide to get rid of Serano pepper. It has not produced a single flower, so therefore no fruit and it is the end of July. Also turfed the Tie-Dye Tomato planted from a 2016 seed as it was all shrivelled and spindly and speckly and had no flowers.


Hot Portugal.

First Habaneros fruit.

Handful of fruit on the "Super Chili".

Tie-Dye Tom with fruit.

Spindly Tie-Dye Tom, just before destruction.



Looking west.

Looking east.

Got rid of the last planted habanero as it was just way too tiny to produce. Bought a "super chili" (turned out to be mislabelled, not sure what kind of pepper it i) and another cayenne as all my plants look unproductive. Very little flowering and no fruit.


Hot Banana (overwintered)

Long Red Slim Cayenne

"Super Chili"

Yellow Cayenne

First Tie-Dye Tom fruit seen.



Transplanted the peppers below after removing all my habanero plants except for the one best and the one I overwintered.

Saw three large habanero and one cayennetta pepper plants at Choices and bought them all as I don't have much faith that my plants are going to produce much.

Three new, big, habanero plants behind my
overwintered plant (front left) and seedlings.

Best planted and Overwintered Habaneros.

Long Red Slim Cayennes and Cayennetta (bushy plant).

Hot Banana.

Hot Portugal.

Kale is popping through.
As noted in the pic of the overwintered peppers plants on May21, they are still not growing any bigger, or wider at all, though there is new leaf growth. This leaves me unoptimistic of the chances of them producing much fruit, and think I am done with overwintering. The purpose of overwintering was to get a bumper crop the second year. Instead, based on a YouTube video, I am trying to increase my yields, and enourage general root/stem growth (as opposed to flower production), by pruning the plants back. In that regard, I pruned every pepper plant I have except for one Cayenne which requires more growth. Scary! (Hope it works!).


Cayenne (pruned)


Serrano (pruned)

Hot Portugal

Hot Portugal (pruned)

Hot Banana

Hot Banana (pruned)


Habanero (pruned)

4 Cucumbers along perimeter, 2 Fonzi melons in the middle.

First new cuke seedling shows on Sat, 2 more the next day as well as 3 Fonzi melons. They, and the peppers, all must be loving this heat ((hooray!):



If he wasn't dead already (see pic below), Cukey dies in a wind storm (trellis blew over and snapped him in half. :-(
Good thing I planted more! :-)

Sat. was the first real clear, hot, sunny day of the year - haven't had a day like this since the end of last August (and none through 5 weeks of my summer holidays last year), and with the weather supposed to stay nice for a while, I, at last, transplanted and staked everything in their outdoor containers and formally set up the garden. The final tally from my winter seedlings going into the season is:
Cucumber: 1, although it looks poor after transplantation and even worse the next day.
Hot Pepper - Serrano: 1
Hot Pepper - Cayenne (Long, Red, Slim): 2
Hot Pepper - Hot Portugal: 2
Hot Pepper - Hot Banana: 2 + 1 over-wintered
Hot Pepper - Habanero: 2 + 1 over-wintered + kept 3 smaller plants plus one today-discovered seedling hiding under the 1st Habanero plant (in case of other plant failures or if the room is available in the garden).
Tomato - Berkeley Tie-Dye: 4 (3 original seeds, 1 2016 seed)
The overwintered pepper plants are definitely producing new leaves, but leaf growth is well-behind the seedling plants. Moreover, the plants themselves are not growing at all, just new leaves on the old frame.
First of the second planting of Nasturtiums beginning to show.
Cucumber does not look healthy. I have planted more cucumber seeds along the perimeter of the pot in anticipation of this cuke dying. Also, just for fun, I planted 4 Fonzi Melon seeds right square in the middle of the pot just to see what happens.
Planted kale for fall/winter harvest in pot with our colourful windmill-thingy.

Overwintered Peppers (Habanero & Hot Banana)
showing new leaves, but not growing.

Sad Cuke.

Looking West.

Looking East

West Corner (Fuschia).

East Corner (planted Kale w/Whirley-Gig
and Hibiscus).


Transplanted the Hibiscus to its larger outdoor pot after seeing neighbour Bruce put his outside for the season.

early May:
Nasturtiums start popping up - about 27 in one box and 12 in the other so I planted more seeds in each box to further increase density.

Pulled up all of my over-wintered peppers except the Habanero and Hot Banana which look like they may have new leaves. Unless I get fabulous results from these 2 plants this year, I am done with overwintering.
Saw a new pepper at Choices and bought a Serrano Hot Pepper - turns out to be part of the Jalepeno family, but hotter.
Transplanted the 2 largest Tie Dye Tomato plants to their outside containers, despite it being too early really, as they are just too big to keep indoors now.


Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomatoes


Transplanted Geranium to cedar box - 1st outside transplant of the year - and planted Nasturtiums in both boxes.

Prepared soil in cedar boxes (adding compost and new soil) and re-planted the parsley and cress.
Replant the Cayenne and Habanero peppers to larger pots.
Potted four pansies in the balcony pots - at last some colour!
Also, this was the first day of walking around barefoot outside.




Cucumbers and Tie-Dye Tomatoes.

First Habanero from last mass planting shows, next day another couple show.


First signs of Long, Red, Slim Cayenne.

Did a lot of transplanting seedlings from their small initial pots to slightly larger ones, as well as thinning out overplants. Not very happy with the Habenero plants, only 1 looks healthy so I planted 6 more seeds. Also, realized that I somehow had totally overlooked planting any Long, Red, Slim Cayenne plants this year and planted 4 seeds.

Pruned the Fuschia right down even more.

Pruned the Fuschia right down.

First over-wintered Hot Portugal pepper of the year poking through. Had first harvest of Long, Red, Slim Cayenne peppers.

First harvest of 2017.

Baby Hot Portugal Pepper (to the right of dead center).

First Hot Portugal seedling (from initial planting) shows.

Cayenne peppers ("long, red, slim") turning red.

Seedlings: 2 Cukes, 4 Tie-Dye Toms and 1 Habanero (bottom
left, actual seedling not visible).

First Hot Banana seedling (from 2nd planting) shows.

First Tie-Dye Tom from second planting shows.

Second nice weekend day of the year with temperature reaching 23C. I transplanted the 2 cucumbers and 3 Tie-Dye Toms to larger pots.
Also planted more Hungarian Hot, Habanero, Hot Portugal and Hot Banana (2016) peppers and Tie-Dye Tom (2016) seeds by scattering a bunch of seeds to see if any come up.

First sign of Habanero seedling shows as well as the first ever harvested Tie-Dye Tom seed (from 2016 fruit). In 2016 I could not get any of the 2015 seeds to germinate.

Overwintered cayenne peppers turning red. Although I only noticed them today, the first two Hot Banana peppers are growing in earnest. I assume they got pollinated over the holiday weekend 2 weeks ago.

Planted some more seeds in case of failure: 3 more Tie-Dye Toms, 1 more of each of Hot Banana, Hot Portugal and Habanero peppers. 18Feb:
In the a.m., both cucumber seeds have sprouted. By the end of the day, all 3 Tie-Dye Tomatoes had also sprouted.

Can you find all 6 peppers growing on this plant? Click the pic for the answer.

First day of nice, spring-like weather after the worst winter in almost 50 years - apparently the 1968-9 winter was even worse. Brought the plants outside for their first taste of fresh air and direct sunlight in months. Temp on balcony reached 21C, and 22C on the 13th (Family Day, just as it did the year before).
Planted the following seeds:
1. Habanero Peppers
2. Hot Portugal Peppers
3. Hot Banana Peppers
4. Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomatoes (3)
5. Cucumber
and also tried
6. Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato from 2016 batch and
7. Hungarian Hot from 2015

After failing last year, I tried overwintering my pepper plants again and had tremendous success. I did not cut them back and while there was some leaf droppage, most kept their leaves the entire winter, and even continued to flower. One, the "long, red, slim" Cayenne even somehow got pollenated and the plant is currently producing 5 peppers.
Fuschia looking very sparse.

7 Pepper plants and a grow light.

Sad looking fuschia.