3. My What A Pretty Bus 8Oct68 (Production Order #: 4)

Mills, a wily ex-con, recruits the Mod Squad for a big caper. The squad's problem:
finding out what Mills has in mind without exposing their identity as cops.

Guest Stars:
Henry Jones as Mills
Val Avery as Turk
Byron Morrow as Mason
Paul Sorenson as Cop
Troy Melton as 1st Guard
Pepper Martin as Prison Guard
Bud Elkins as Cycle Cop
Dick Ziker as Hippie Driver
Boyd "Red" Morgan as Nightwatchman
Other Guest: Bill Catching

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov
Music: Earle Hagen and Shorty Rogers

Comments: Lots of hip slang, sitar music in the score and LSD references makes this episode a great 60s time-capsule.

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The Mod Squad tv series episode #2

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