15. Flight Five Doesn't Answer 21Jan69 (Production Order #: 17)

Pete, Linc and Captain Greer board a commercial airliner to take an ailing syndicate
mobster to a secret meeting with the governor. Tony Landon has only six weeks
to live - and less than that if the syndicate succeeds in getting Landon off the plane.

Guest Stars:
Will Kuluva as Tony Landon
Whit Bissell as Max Dodd
Russ Conway as Dr. Milton
Larry Casey as Willoughby
Marvin Kaplan as Albert
Murray MacLeod as Bucks
Simon Scott as Chief Metcalf
Charlie Briggs as Red
Andy Romano a Wilson
Roy Glenn, Sr. as The Pilot
Dennis Cross as The Deputy Sheriff
Doug Hume as The Co-Pilot

Director: George McCowan
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Harve Bennett and Stephen Kandel
Music: Earle Hagen

Comments: This episode has the first appearances of Sol Albert, a character later reprised in #38 and Dr. Milton who later appeared in #48.

The Mod Squad episode #15

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