16. Shell Game 28Jan69 (Production Order #: 18)

Pete and Linc join a gang of young thieves who specialize in robbing warehouses -
under the tutelage of two crooked police officers.

Guest Stars:
Michael Margotta as Jerry Kane
Jeff Pomerantz as Joe
John Carter as Hank Stevens
William Wintersole as George Cates
Chris Graham as Ed
Ken Sylk as Badger
Peggy Stewart as Mrs. Kane
John Bryant as The Dispatcher
Troy Melton as Frank Taylor
Buck Young as Lt. Bernie
Gregory Enton as Karl
Thom Carney as Jake
Mark Tapscott as The Officer

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Music: Billy May

The Mod Squad episode #16

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