18. A Hint Of Darkness, A Hint Of Light 11Feb69
(Production Order #: 21)

Gloria Foster, wife of series co-star Clarence Williams III, plays Janny, a blind girl marked for death by a mysterious assailant. The squad moves into Janny's beach-front home to find out who's trying to kill her - and why.

Guest Stars:
Gloria Foster as Janny Wills
Virginia Gregg as Helen Caine
John Milford as Stiles
Lou Krugman as Kamin
Beverly McKinsey as Claudine
Hank Patterson as Phil

Director: Earl Bellamy
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Music: Billy May

Comments: Gloria foster, who is Clarence William III's wife, reprises her role in #49.

The Mod Squad episode #18

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