22. Child Of Sorrow, Child Of Light 18Mar69 (Production Order #: 22)

Posing as an unwed expectant mother, Julie infiltrates an extortion ring that
blackmails parents of adopted babies… and also specializes in murder.

Guest Stars:
Ida Lupino as Iris
Dan Travanty as Milo
Heidi Vaughn as Mary Ann
William Zuckert as Joseph Delvecchio
Foster Brooks as Will Jackson
Claudia Bryar as Maryann
Frediercka Myers as Trish
Jim Boles as Dr. Reston
Alan Baxter as Schaeffer
Susan Brown as Grace W.

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Cliff Gould
Music: Earle Hagen and Billy May

Groovy Tunes

The Mod Squad episode #22

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