27. The Girl in Chair Nine 24Sep68 (Production Order #: 28)

The squad gets an assist from ESP as the series opens its second season with "The Girl in Chair Nine." A troubled girl in Julie's parapsychology class disappears. Involved in the investigation of the case: the Squad, the polic and a visiting lecturer - a clairvoyant.

Guest Stars:
Cesare Danova as Dr. Eric Santos
Robert E. Cannon as Jerry
Sylvia Hayes as Big Mama
John Stephenson as Prof. Tanner
Veronica Cartwright as Gail
Lillian Bronson as Aunt Margaret
Iris Rainer as Barbara
Gary Crabbe as Tory
Angela Greene as Mrs. Whitney
Bob Golden as The Cop

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: William Bast

Music: Earle Hagen

Groovy Tunes

The Mod Squad episode #The Mod Squad tv series episode #27. The Girl in Chair Nine.