33. Confrontation! 11Nov69 (Production Order #: 33)

TV Veteran George Bellak's script focuses on an explosive situation at a state college. A black student has been murdered on campus, and militants are holding the police responsible. Linc has only a short time to solve the case before more blood is shed.

Guest Stars:
Simon Oakland as Rakosi
B.J. Mason as Ben Sanders
Maurice Warfield as Calvin Brown
Sid McCoy as Harper
Ta-Ta Nisha as Leora Little
Robert F. Simon as Dean McIntyre
Jorge Moreno as Sam Akers
Dan Spelling as Terry
Monica Keating as The Secretary
Darryl Glenn as Black Student
B.J. Mason as Ben Sanders

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Tony Barrett
Music: Billy May

The Mod Squad tv series episode #33. Confrontation! 11Nov69

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