39. Never Give The Fuzz An Even Break 23Dec69 (Production Order #: 40)

Maurice Evans portrays Adm. Nat Johnson, a suave con man whom Greer has been trying to nial for years. The squad members pose as bunco artists to get in the admiral's good graces, then find they're as much under his spell as his victims.

Guest Stars:
Maurice Evans as Admiral
Harriett E. MacGibbon as Felicia
Amazie Strickland as Eleanor
William Smith as American
Louise Fitch as Paula Woodruff
David Ketchum as Jake Toomey
Frank Wilcox as Howard Stone
Other Guests: Don Wilbanks, Rudolfo Hoyos, Judson Pratt, Petro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Stella Garcia, Judy Jordan

Director: Earl Bellamy
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Melvin Wald
Music: Not Credited

The Mod Squad tv series episode #39. Never Give The Fuzz An Even Break 23Dec69