43. A Town Called Sincere 27Jan70 (Production Order #: 42)

A sleepy Mexican town becomes a prison for Pete and Linc, captured by a savage motorcycle gang. The bikers center their terror tactics on the townspeople as they try to learn who killed two members of their gang.

Guest Stars:
Tom Stern as Kurt
J. Kenneth Campbell as Sooey
Ford Rainey as Garrett
Lisa Gaye as Yolanda
Lee De Broux as Chubb
Gregory Sierra as Zamarron
David Renard as Father Lopez
Peter Mamakos as Ruiz
Maggie Malooly as Mrs. Zamarron
Frances Fong as Sergeant Imoto
Joseph Mosca as Wheelman

Director: Earl Bellamy
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov
Music: Billy May

The Mod Squad tv series episode #43. A Town Called Sincere 27Jan70