44. The Exile 3Feb70 (Production Order #: 44)

Julie's love for a Middle Eastern student involves her in International political intrigue. Ari Nassal is the focal point of a fierce power struggle that could take his life. Julie knows only that she loves him and wants to protect him, unaware that he is the crown prince of his country.

Guest Stars:
Nico Minardos as Ari Nassal
Ben Aliza as Hakim
Lawrence Dane as Major Sarif
David Hurst as Ben Al Fahgib
Other Guests: Byron Morrow, James Sikking.

Director: Robert Michael Lewis
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: Don Richman and Harve Bennett
Music: Earle Hagen

Comments: First appearance of the red car (1st vehicle after the Woody).

The Mod Squad tv series episode #44. The Exile 3Feb70

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