45. Survival House 10Feb70 (Production Order #: 45)

Sammy Davis Jr. stars as Billy Lee Watson, a cured dope addict charged with statutory rape. As his carefully constructed world crumbles to pieces, Billy refuses to exonerate himself - and the squad tries to find out why.

Guest Stars:
Sammy Davis Jr. as Billy
William Smithers as Hank Frederick
Mira Waters as Angel Lefevre
Billy Daniels as Dr. Lefevre
Other Guests: John Roper, Martin Braddock, Isabelle Cooley, Jay Powell, Bob Golden, Armand Alzamora, Cynthia Hull.

Director: George McCowan
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: Joanna Lee
Music: Billy May

The Mod Squad tv series episode #45. Survival House 10Feb70