48. A Time For Remembering 3Mar70 (Production Order #: 48)

While Pete agonizes over a decision to quite the squad, an old foes comes after the trio - with murder on his mind. Flashbacks trace the early days of the squad, their growing respect and friendship, and some memorable moments spent together.

Guest Stars:
Gary Vinson as Beau Graves
Russ Conway as Dr. Milton
Other Guests: Richard Eastham, Mar k Tapscott, Florence Halop, Roberta Randall, Jerry Strickler, Janice Barr.

Director: Gene Nelson
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: Harve Bennett
Music: Earle Hagen and Billy May

Gary Vinson reprises his role from episode #1, and Russ Conway returns as Dr. Milton from episode #15. Flashbacks to episodes 1, 3, 7, 13, 15 and 42.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #48. A Time For Remembering 3Mar70