49. Return To Darkness, Return To Light 17Mar70 (Production Order #: 49)

Gloria Foster (wife of series regular Clarence Williams III) reprises her role as blind heiress Janny Wills in "Return to Darkness, Return to Light". Linc battles conflicting emotions as he follows a hunch regarding the integrity of Janny's fiance. Is he jealous of the man, or are his uneasy feelings justified?

Guest Stars:
Gloria Foster as Janny Wills
Ivan Dixon as Dr. Frank Tarver
Karl Swenson as John Edwards
Buddy Lewis as Cab Driver
Lorraine Davies as Receptionist
Jason Wingreen as Doorman
Other Guests: Bobby Johnson, Tina Menard, Dawn Villere.

Director: Robert Michael Lewis
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Music: Earle Hagen and Carl Brandt

Gloria Foster reprises her role from #18.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #49. Return To Darkness, Return To Light 17Mar70

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