64. Fever 15Dec70 (Production Order #: 65)

A man who has kidnapped his own son forces Julie to drive him and the child to Los Angeles. Pursued by his father-in-law the man refuses to stop for medical aid - although both he and the childe have been exposed to a deadly disease.

Guest Stars:
Robert Viharo as Cliff Hansen
Frank Maxwell as Morrison
Brooke Bundy as Trudy Hansen
David and John Mutch as Shad Hansen
Paul Collins as Les
Gordon DeVol as Jon
Paul Wexler as Commune Leader
Harlan Warde as Dr. Wilson
Other Guest(s): Karl Swenson, Ken Lynch

Director: James Jameson
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Paul and Margaret Schneider and Marty Roth
Music: Not Credited

This is the first episode to feature Julie's spiky new hairdo, considered by some to be the moment the Mod Squad "jumped the shark".

The Mod Squad tv series episode #64. Fever 15Dec70