68. A Bummer For R.J. 19Jan71 (Production Order #: 69)

Carl Betz plays a disillusioned solid citizen who becomes involved in the death of a hippie girl. The man's heartsick daughter is searching for him - while he desperately seeks the girl's killer.

Guest Stars:
Carl Betz as R.J. Coleman
Annette O'Toole as Lorrie
Dan Travanty as Johnny Graham
Joyce Jameson as Lois Johnson
Elliott Street as Fleas
Barbara Rhoades as Tonie
Brooke Mills as Donna Pierson
Herbie Faye as Leo
Robert Patten as Arlen Rogers
Tracy Reilly as Lorrie as a Child

Director: Philip Leacock
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Jack Turley
Music: Billy May

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The Mod Squad tv series episode #68. A Bummer For R.J. 19Jan71