70. Suffer, Little Children 9Feb71 (Production Order #: 63)

Kaz Garas of "The Strange Report" plays a minister in "Suffer, Little Children." Posing as a hippie, the Rev. Jimmy Douglas embarks on a search for the men who murdered his brother and incriminated him in a theft.

Guest Stars:
Kaz Garas as Douglas
Jenny Sullivan as Angie
Sheldon Allman as Joe Foster
Jill Choder as Karen
Ken Scott as Fred
Ian Sander as Eddie Peabody
Daniel Spelling as Billy
Nino Candido as Dick
Thelma Camacho as Kim
John Evans as Dr. Robert Douglas

Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Producer: Tony Barrett and Harve Bennett
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Music: Not Credited

Groovy Tunes

This episode marks the last appearance of the Squad's red car.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #70. Suffer, Little Children 9Feb71