73. Welcome to Our City 2Mar71 (Production Order #: 74)

The squad tangles with a deadly loan shark as it tries to help a broken-hearted farm boy find his father.

Guest Stars:
Billy Bowles as Billy Clark
Virginia Gregg as Hattie
Edward Faulkner as Frank Dunn
Allen Garfield as Weaver
John Carter as Willis Clark
John Dennis as Keller
Nancy Stephens as Girl
Don Eitner as Doctor
Other Guest: Woodrow Parfrey

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Shirl Hendryx and Tony Barrett
Music: Earl Hagen and J.J. Johnson

This episode marks the first appearance of the Squad's gold car (a Challenger I think).

The Mod Squad tv series episode #73. Welcome To Our City 2Mar71